Betting Sites in North America: Best Bookmakers

Are you a bettor in search of the perfect betting sites in North America? Our specialists’ review includes the list of the most reliable bookmakers, taking into consideration the register bonus, payment options, customer support, and types of bets for better user experience. Every website is evaluated based on the layout, the mobile friendliness, and the bonuses offered to the players. We also offer a step by step guide on the recent gambling laws concerning the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominica, and Guatemala to ensure you are aware of the current legal framework on online gambling.

Betting Sites in North America

The US Supreme Court nullified the PASPA in 2018 which led to the legalization of the sports betting.

Online gambling was regulated in Ontario and became legal from the year 2022.

Gambling was fully legalized in Mexico and slot machines were allowed from 2016.

Dominica has recently released new online gambling rules in its resolution number 136-2024.

The draft law of Guatemala suggests that the gambling providers should be charged 3% tax.

Learning about Online Gambling in the United States

Federal Overview

Due to the America’s federal system, the online gambling laws in the United States are quite complex and diverse. It is important to note that the online gaming is regulated at the federal level by three Acts.

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961.

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961.

Earlier, it was introduced to address the challenges of organized crime and as such, the Wire Act prohibits the utilization of wire communication in transmitting betting information across states. Thus, in 2011 the Department of Justice provided a new perspective stating that this law is only relevant to sports betting, which led to the legalization of online casinos and poker in some states.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)

This is not true because UIGEA does not in any way outlaw online gambling. Rather, it aims at prohibiting the online gambling operators from accepting funds with respect to prohibited wagers under the federal or state laws.

Amateur Sports Protection Act was enacted in 1992.

Amateur Sports Protection Act was enacted in 1992.

Although PASPA was signed into law in 1992, it restricted sports betting to only a few states; however, this was annulled by the Supreme Court in 2018 permitting states to permit sports betting.

State Regulations

There is a big difference in the gambling laws depending on which state of the United States one is in. Although, 48 states have legalized some form of gambling, only a few have legalized online casinos. These include:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut

Rhode Island is expected to follow the suit in this list in March 2024. Every state has its rules concerning the license, charges, and tax structure, which makes the structure of the system rather complicated.

Betting Sites in North America: Canada legalizes gambling

Federal Framework

Federal Framework

Gambling laws in Canada are centered on the Criminal Code of Canada that bans all forms of gambling with the exception of such activities that are conducted and managed by the provincial governments. The provinces are able to control and conduct gambling activities within their areas of jurisdiction.

Provincial Oversight

Every province has its control body that regulates the gambling activities in the region. For instance:

  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario governs Ontario in this regard.
  • There is the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch in British Columbia.
  • The regulation of gaming activities in the province of Alberta is done by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission.
  • Online gambling is allowed in provinces such as Ontario where the AGCO regulates gambling and iGaming Ontario has an operating agreement with the operator. New rules that have been introduced do not allow the use of athletes and social media influencers in iGaming ads for responsible gambling.
Federal Regulation

Federal Regulation

The regulation of gambling in Mexico falls under the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB) particularly the Gambling and Raffles Bureau. The principal legal acts regulating the activity are the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law of 1947 and the amendments to it.

Modernization Efforts

Modernization Efforts

Even with the current technological improvement, Mexico’s gambling laws can be said to be quite rigid. But there has been a recent effort to revamp the legal environment. For instance, the Supreme Court was allowed some slot machines in 2016, and classified them as lottery games. The lastest reforms suggest that number-drawing machines should not be allowed anymore which shows that the regulation is still evolving.

Licensing and Taxation

Mexico’s licensing system includes various types, such as:Mexico’s licensing system includes various types, such as:

  • Licenses for casinos, race tracks and remote betting centres.
  • Temporary gambling facilities’ permits.
  • Permits for particular kinds of gambling such as cock fighting.
  • The operators are obliged to make payments of various taxes, for instance, a flat tax rate of 30% on the revenue from the casino and a special production and services tax in the form of IEPS at the rate of 30% on the amount of bets received.

Betting Sites in North America: Dominican Stance on Gambling

Regulatory Framework

Regulatory Framework

Hence, the dominican republic has no specific body that regulates online gambling but rather the ministry of finance. The legal structure can be linked to laws like Ley 139-11 and Ley 494-06 through which the foundation for the regulation of online gambling was created.

Recent Developments

Recent Developments

In 2024, the Dominican Republic passed Resolution 136-2024 that laid down provisions regarding online casinos and sports betting. This resolution seeks to establish a competitive regulated market and increase the revenue of the state. Their validity is five years, and the fees differ depending on the type of gambling activities.

Taxation and Responsible Gaming

Taxation and Responsible Gaming

The operators should display the responsible gambling measures and the taxation procedures must be followed strictly. The old law had provided for a gross gaming revenue tax of 29% for the land based casinos which could also be the case for the online gambling.

Guatemala’s Fragmented Gambling Landscape

Historical Context

Historical Context

Betting on the Pinnacle is prohibited by the Guatemalan laws that have outlawed gambling since the year 1880 as provided in the Penal Code. But this law is not strictly implemented and there are many unlicensed gambling centers.

Regulatory Efforts

Regulatory Efforts

Nevertheless, the legal debate on the possibility of legalizing and regulating gambling to prevent money laundering and to promote the economy has not ceased. A 2011 bill suggests creating an authority and charging gambling operators with a 3% fee.

Current State

Current State

The gaming sector in Guatemala continues to be not really controlled, and it is simple to find casinos combined with video lottery terminals. Thus, the financial activities of operators must be reported to avoid money laundering, and the recent actions are directed at creating better guidelines for the regulation of such activities.

He­re are some of the­ most popular betting sites in North America:He­re are some of the­ most popular betting sites in North America:

The list of the legal Dafabet betting sites in North America is still limited, but it is constantly expanding.


Dafabe­t is among the topmost betting platforms in North America and it is regarded as one of the best. It is a Spanish gem found in the Philippines. Dafabe­t is rich in betting options for North American sports. They are­ considered to be friendly and have a good customer relations department too.

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The various 888sport betting sites in North America


Another one of the leading North American betting sites is 888Sports. The source of this information is from the UK. 888Sport offers a very rich selection of bets for all the major North American sports. They are associated with their welcome bonuses and promotions.

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22Bet be­tting sites in North America.


A betting site based in Europe and very well-known in North American region is 22Bet. It has many wagering opportunities for popular North American sports. 22Bet is among the most respected companies in the betting business.

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Melbet betting sites in North America.


For a Canadian betting site, Melbet is recommended. It has the following betting options on the major Canadian and North American sports.

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Bonuses and Payment Methods by Betting Sites

The North American bettor can get a lot of bonuses and promotions. Some of them are sign up bonus, reload bonus, and free bet offers.

sign up bonus

Sign up bonus

New customers receive what is called sign up bonuses. These are sorts of incentives for people to sign up. The size of the gift then depends on the betting site in question. All of them function in a rather similar manner. Once you deposit your first cash, the com­pany will add some of it to your account as a bonus. Example­: A 100% match bonus up to $100 is for instance; if you deposit $100 they will give you another $100 for free. Nice deal!

reload bonus

Reload bonus

Sites also offer bonuses to the already registered players to keep them playing – reload bonuses. These are of course not as big as the sign up bonuses but they still add to your betting funds. There are other offers for example better odds or money back if the customer loses.

free bet offers

Free bet offers

Of course, there are also such promotions as free bets. A risk-free bet is a type of bet where you are able to place a bet and stand a chance of not losing your money if your bet does not come through. In the given example if you place a bet of $20 at 2/1 odds and win, you will get the amount you won. However, if you lose, you do not lose your $20 but instead, you lose only the virtual money you are using. Nice­!

Payment Methods of Betting Sites in North America

Most of the betting sites accept many payment methods. Among all the options, credit/debit cards are the most frequently used. But you can use also e-wallets, pre-paid cards, and bank transfers and other similar methods.

Using a Card

Using a Card

Credit/Debit cards are accepted by almost all the betting sites. This lets you add or take out money quickly.



Such e-walle­ts as PayPal, Skrill and Netelle­r are widely used. It is an online ac­count where you save money and use it to place bets on various betting sites or withdrawal the money.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

Pre­paid cards are sim­ilar to debit cards but you do not have to sign up for a bank account. You can add cash on most of the prepaid cards. They assist in preventing your from spending more than you should.

Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers

However, some of the sites accept bank transfers, and this is the slowest method of payment among cards and e-wallets.

Choosing the Best Betting Sites and Mobile Betting

Consider a few things whe­n picking a betting site:

  • Is it license and regulated? Play only in websites regulated by bodies such as the US gambling commission. This protects your money and makes the game to be fair.
  • It is very important to select a good betting site­s for betting. Establish which offer to take based on odds for the most effective play. It would help if you also compared their be­t limits to your budget.
  • Select the sites that have features that allow easy payment by cards or e-wallets. If there is a problematic situation then good customer support is good.

Best North America mobile betting apps.

Mobile sports betting apps allow you to place a bet just about anywhere. Howev­er, this does not mean that all apps are good.

Dafabet sports app


In the mobile betting aspect, Dafabet has a reliable Android and iOS betting app. Finding markets and odds is quite simple and placing bets is as well. It allows you to watch live stream many events that you can place your bets on while on the move.

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20Bet sports app


The 20Bet sports app is user friendly. It is easy to use with a clean interface to help the user search for games and odds easily. It is also equally easy to place bets on the app. Certain events can be watched live through the application. This application is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

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888sport app


Another recommended app for this type of activity is the 888Sport app. It is almost identical with MrGreen’s app and, what is more important, it also has the live in-play betting option. The app gives the user a fluent and easy way to place their bets on the go.

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It is quite important to comprehend the laws governing the sports betting and online gambling in North America. Every country has its rules and laws that are developed by the historic events and the present technologies. Be aware of the laws to abide by them and be able to make right decisions. Due to many betting sites out there, one has to ensure that they have chosen the right one. The following are some of the guidelines that will assist you to make the right decision as highlighted in this article.

FAQ about online Betting Sites in North America

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