Betting Sites in Belize

To the south of Belize lies the Gulf of Honduras, the closest neighbor of Belize being Honduras as the distance between the two is about 75 kilometers. Its bordering countries include Mexico to the north. In order to be able to successfully go through the available betting sites in Belize and the laws that govern them, some knowledge is required. This ultimate guide will provide you with all the necessary information starting from the history of gambling laws up to the current best sports betting platform.

Betting Sites in Belize

1995: The Computer Gaming Licensing Act is introduced.

2000: The gaming control act into force.

2004: New rules for the games of chance online.

2021: More enforcement actions against the unregulated gaming businesses.

2022: MEasures taken by the government against the unauthorized online gaming sites.

History of Belize Gambling Laws

The history of gambling laws in Belize can be considered rather unconventional and still in the process of development. The country was one of the first to legalise online gambling starting from the Computer Wagering Licensing Act of 1995. This legislation was considered as the pioneer for the legal betting in Belize with regard to the existing laws of the country.

In 2000, the Gaming Control Act was passed to strengthen the jurisdiction in relation to online and offline gambling policies. This act was last amended in the year 2004 to incorporate provisions on the regulation of online gaming thus putting Belize at the forefront of the online gaming business.

Key Legislation:

  • Computer Wagering Licensing Act of 1995: Put down the initial legal basis for the activity of online gambling businesses.
  • Gaming Control Act of 2000: It provided extensive rules concerning all the forms of gambling.
  • Gaming Control (Online Gaming) Regulations of 2004: Centred on the details of online gaming business.

Regulatory Bodies of Gambling in Belize

The Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board as well as the Gaming Control Board are the main authorities that regulate gambling industry in the country. Such agencies have the responsibility of regulating all the gambling activities to ensure that they are carried out in a proper manner.

Responsibilities of Regulatory Agencies:

  • Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board: Regulates the online gaming activities and also provides licences for the same.
  • Gaming Control Board: Both online and offline gambling is prohibited and this includes casinos and sports betting.

The Bets that are Allowed and the Ones that are Not in Belize

The laws in Belize regarding bets are quite understandable and specific as to which kinds are legal and which are not. Basically, any form of gambling is allowed but there are guidelines that are followed to make sure that there is no cheating.

Types of Permitted Bets:

  • Sports Betting: Such as; those that are organised within the country and those that are held in other countries.
  • Casino Games: For instance; poker, blackjack, and slots.
  • Lotteries and Bingo: Locals as well as tourists love it.

Prohibited Bets:

  • Unlawful betting of any kind.
  • Betting of persons below the age of eighteen years.

Obtaining a Gambling License in Belize

All the gambling entities have to be licensed by the Gaming Control Board to be legal. It is simple but is a very rigid process that has to be followed with a lot of precision.

Types of Licenses:

  • Online Gaming License: Allows the running of online casinos, sports betting, and poker rooms.
  • Gaming Machine License: Concerns the activities connected with the use of gambling machines in real world locations.
  • Bookmaker’s License: For providing the services in offering sports betting and others.

Licensing Fees and Taxes

The fees depend on the type of license and the range of the activities that a company wants to conduct. Also, operators are expected to pay annual licenses’ renewal fees and gambling taxes.

Fees and Taxes:

  • Initial Licensing Fee: Determined by the type of license.
  • Annual Renewal Fee: This has to be done sixty days before the expiry of the given license.
  • Gaming Tax: Withholding taxes of 15% on the winning amount.
  • Gambling Taxes in Belize: Withholding tax of 15% is charged on the winnings of players in Belize. This tax is paid out by the gambling operators and then passed on to the government.

Key Tax Points:

  • 15% Withholding Tax: Applied in all gambling winnings enhancing.
  • No Additional Taxes for Players: There is no additional tax to be paid on the winnings that the players get.

The Best Betting Sites in Belize

To bet on sports, the following are some of the best betting sites in Belize;


Dafabet: Provides many basketball leagues which are NBA, NCAA, and EuroLeague. It is one of the best sites when it comes to odds and live betting opportunities.

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Betandyou: Its primary focus is on the US sports with great emphasis on NBA games and college matches. Their mobile application increases the ease of betting.

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20Bet: incl. an extensive number of prop bets and common game lines for most important pro sports leagues. Convenient menus and buttons to help the user move around the website.

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Development of Sports Betting in Belize

For the past years Belize has witnessed significant events in regards to sports betting and gambling. All these have formed the basis of the present and dented the path for the upcoming events to happen.

Key Milestones:

  • 1995: The Computer Wagering Licensing Act as a new piece of legislation.
  • 2000: Gaming Control Act’s establishment.
  • 2004: New laws in online gaming.
  • 2021: Stiffer measures to fight operations that are not licensed to offer gaming services.
  • 2022: Activities taken by the government against the online gaming and betting platforms which are against the laws.

Believe it or not Sports Star Glory in Belize

Even though Belize cannot be said to be a sporting power house, the country has produced some great sportsmen and women who have done the country proud. These sportsmen and women are icons and have motivated many Belizeans especially the youths.

Notable Achievements:

  • Milt Palacio: NBA player who had a very successful career in the NBA as well as in the European leagues.
  • Deon McCauley: Footballer who has contributed for the Belize’s victory in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.
  • Shane Orio: Contemporary professional boxer who become the WBC International Super Featherweight champion.
  • Kaina Martinez: An Athlete in track and field who got the gold medal in 400m hurdles in Central American and Caribbean Games.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Other than that, Belize is neighbored by other countries that have different laws and regulations as regards to gambling. Below are the general gambling laws of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras:


  • Gambling Law: According to the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law.
  • Regulatory Body: The most authoritative organization in the sphere of games and raffles is the Directorate General.
  • Legal Status: All types of gambling are allowed if they have the relevant permit.


  • Gambling Law: Licensed by the Gaming and Sweepstakes Law.
  • Regulatory Body: Using the National Lottery for Charity.
  • Legal Status: Gambling is slightly allowed but to a certain extent.


  • Gambling Law: Thus, it operates under the Law of Regulation of Betting Houses.
  • Regulatory Body: National commission of betting houses.
  • Legal Status: Lotteries and sports betting are also legal but one must have a license.


Betting sites in Belize and Belize sports betting are rather developed and allow both residents of the country and tourists to try their luck. Thus, Belize offers a well-developed legal system, thrilling sports events, and a number of great personalities of national importance for every admirer of betting.

FAQ in Betting Sites in Belize

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