Betting Sites in Haiti

Haiti is in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea on the island of Hispaniola sharing borders with Dominican Republic in the east and the Caribbean Sea in the south while the Atlantic ocean borders it in the north side. With being the first independent republic of Latin America and the first black republic in the globe. Many people have embraced the use of betting sites especially by the sports fanatics and people who like to place their bets. This guide will describe the legislation, common sports betting platform, and betting sites in Haiti.

Betting Sites in Haiti

1934: Gambling is allowed in Haiti.

1960s: Further legalize under President François Duvalier.

2010: How earthquake affects the gambling industry.

2018: Curbing of the criminal conducts related to gambling.

2023: Tighter measures that were put in place by LEH.

In this context, this paper examines the dynamic of the gambling industry in Haiti based on different laws and regulations established over the years. Below are the brief highlights on how the laws on gambling have been developed in the country.

  • 1934: Legalization of gambling in Haiti was done under Moniteur du ler Février 1934 No. 10. Nevertheless, it was not fully practiced until a later time.
  • 1960s: President François Duvalier also extended the legal gambling jurisdiction and permitted the casinos in the hotels with at least two hundred rooms which was not realistic since such hotels were not in existent.
  • 2010s: The 2010 earthquake led to the closure of several casino establishments; however, some such as the El Rancho Hotel & Casino were able to bounce back.
  • 2018: The Haiti state lottery through the LEH put more effort in trying to control and reduce the cases of the unlawful gambling that led to arrests as well as enhancing the implementation of gambling laws.

Regulatory of Betting Sites In Haiti

The sole regulator of gambling in Haiti is the Haitian State Lottery or known locally as the Loto Haïtien d’État (LEH). It is responsible for the licensing as well as the regulation of all forms of gambling in the country. The following are some of the aspects that can be brought out about LEH.

  • Exclusive Jurisdiction: LEH has the right to control games of chance and money and to prevent the violation of the law by all subjects.
  • Licensing: LEH issues licenses to gambling operators, although the procedure and the criteria remain rather vague on the official website of the commission.
  • Enforcement: LEH works jointly with law enforcement agencies to fight against the unlawful gambling, for example, the recent operations in Delmas 65 in the year 2018.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The laws of Haiti explain the allowed and forbidden types of bets in details.

Permitted Bets

  • Sports Betting: Completely legal and very much accepted in the society.
  • Casino Games: This include poker, blackjack and roulette for instance.
  • Lotteries: Regulated by LEH.
  • Cockfighting: Another kind of betting that is recognized legally.

Prohibited Bets

  • Unlicensed Online Gambling: This is unlawful to operate the business without license.
  • On Betting on Blood Sports Except for Cock Fighting.
  • Unregulated Fantasy Sports and Social Gambling.

Gambling Licenses and Fees In Haiti

The legal framework of the gambling industry in Haiti allows functioning only with the license issued by LEH. The following are the steps and fees to be paid in the process.

Kinds of Licenses and Charges.

  • Casino License: One thousand dollars per year plus forty percent of the gross profit.
  • Sports Betting License: Tarrifs are relative to the size of the business depending on the scale of operations.
  • Player Winnings Tax: 5% of the winnings of the players to be taxed.


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The Major Events of Haiti Sports Betting

There are several events that have taken place in Haiti and impacted the sports betting business in the country.

  • 1934: This also put a seal on the year whereby gambling was legalized in the country of Haiti.
  • 1960s: More legalisation under the leadership of François Duvalier the president of Haiti.
  • 2010: Effects and responses to earthquake of certain casinos.
  • 2018: Stopping or preventing the activity of gambling.
  • 2023: New measures that have been put in place by LEH in an attempt to enforce better standards.

Glorifying the Stars of Sports in Haiti

Many athletes from Haiti have emerged on the world map and have brought a lot of pride to the nation.

  • Joseph Eduard Gaetjens: became the hero of the United States and scored the winning goal in the 1950 FIFA World Cup.
  • Sylvio Cator: was awarded the silver medal in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics for long jump.
  • Jean-Philippe Peguero and Sony Norde: are some of the best football stars who are at the moment making the news on the international stage.

Gambling in Neighbouring Countries

Knowing the legal rules of the neighboring countries may offer some insight into the current situation in Haiti’s legal framework.

Dominican Republic

  • Legal Status: The laws in the country permit gambling; however, the activities are regulated to a certain degree.
  • Regulatory Body: The ministry of Finance is one of the most significant divisions or parastatals in most countries or the government.
  • Licensing: Gambling is an activity that is provided by casinos and betting shops which are organizations that required to be controlled through the license.


  • Legal Status: Licensed agencies are permitted to assist in gambling which they do in directing these services and they monitor them.
  • Regulatory Body: Therefore it is appropriate to name it Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC).
  • Licensing: It may also be noted that the different permit may be granted depending on the type of gambling businesses.


  • Legal Status: You may not bet or wager The use of cards as chips.
  • Regulatory Body: N/A.
  • Licensing: Explicit permission was NOT given for the operations of gambling.


Haiti has some of the best betting sites that are a one-stop-shop for every lover of sports and a fan of betting on any sport of choice. Knowing more about the legal framework concerning gambling, the organizations that oversee the industry and the most commonly used betting websites will enable a player to place their bets in the right manner and have a great time.

FAQ About Betting Sites In Haiti

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