Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country in the Latin American and Caribbean region of the world; the island on which the Dominican Republic is situated is Hispaniola and the other country sharing the island with the Dominican Republic is Haiti. With more and more betting sites comes more and the laws are also constantly changing for the better. This article will provide a step by step guide on all the information that you will require from the history of gambling laws to the best betting sites in Dominican Republic and regulated sports betting platforms.

Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

1998: The law 24-98 affects the main gambling act.

2006: Online casinos legalized.

2011: Amaya Gaming Group’s first online gambling license.

2017: Amaya rebrands as The Stars Group Inc.

2020: The Stars Group acquired by Flutter Entertainment.

History of Gambling Laws in the Dominican Republic

As it is with most other forms of legal gambling, the history of gambling in the Dominican Republic can be traced back to the early part of the twentieth century. The first of the major laws, Law 351, was passed on the 23 of April 1964, which was to regulate the land based casinos. More laws were enacted later on to regulate the online gambling and sports betting.

  • 1998: Specifically, online gambling regulation is enshrised under the Law No. 24-98, although at first, this law did not apply to online casinos.
  • 2006: Online casinos were officially legalised.
  • 2024: New comprehensive rules that have been set under Law 136-2024 for online casinos and bookmakers.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

The following agencies regulate the different facets of gambling in the Dominican Republic:

  • Casino Department of the Ministry of Finance: The body that is charged with the responsibility of issuing out licenses and regulating of land based and internet casinos.
  • Loteria Nacional: This oversees the issuing and management of the lottery licenses.
  • Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Community Development: An act to provide for the regulation of sports betting.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Most types of gambling are legal in the Dominican Republic, but there are certain prohibitions

  • Permitted: Examples of such activities include; Casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Sports betting, Lotteries, and Online gambling.
  • Prohibited: Some limitations can be added for specific types of bets, for instance, those to do with minors or matters that are against the law.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Gambling activity has a well-thought-out legal framework in the Dominican Republic as there are certain types of licenses for gambling.

  • Online Casinos: Annual fee of $346,000 for a five year license.
  • Sports Betting: Licensing fee of $260,000 for a five year license.
  • Other Online Gambling: Annual payment of $34,000 for five years, the total fee amount is $170,000.
  • Taxes: The corporate tax is 27% and for online gambling companies there is an additional tax of 10% on the gross revenue.

The Best Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

Below are some of the best betting sites in Dominican Republic that you can bet on;


Betmaster: It has multiple options on bets and also provides the service of live betting. A great welcome offer and a number of ways to make deposits.

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20Bet: High quality odds and lines for all the popular sports. License bonus only for the already registered customers.

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Betwinner: The biggest sportsbook that offers its services to people all over the world. Multiple deposit options.

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Highlights of Sports in Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic has faced several important events in the field of sports;

  • 1976: This is the first Olympic medal in boxing.
  • 2004: In the Athens Olympics Félix Sánchez gets the first gold medal in athletics.
  • 2006: Sports betting legalization.
  • 2013: Dominican Republic’s baseball team takes the championship of World Baseball Classic.
  • 2024: New gambling law passed into law.

Sports Star Glory

There are many famous athletes in the world that were born or have trained in the Dominican Republic.

  • Baseball: Many of the players have positively influenced the MLB, including Pedro Martínez, David Ortiz, and Sammy Sosa.
  • Boxing: Sports like boxing have given the nation great fighters like Javier Fortuna and Agapito Sanchez.
  • Basketball: Many professional NBA players such as Al Horford and Karl-Anthony Towns are from the Dominican republic.

Gambling Law Regulation in Neighboring Countries

To give a brief overview of gambling laws and regulation authorities of three neighboring countries we have:

Puerto Rico:

  • Gambling is allowed and controlled by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.
  • Online gambling was only legalised in 2019, and this added to the list of the legal forms of betting.


  • Most of the activities such as gambling are strictly prohibited and the laws are quite stringent.
  • Some exceptions are allowed such as state-operated lottery and some forms of bingo.


  • Licensed by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission.
  • Gambling is legal and divided into two, land-based and online gambling with license to the operators.


Thus, the betting sites in Dominican Republic presents an active and legal gambling environment with a long history and bright prospects. No matter if you are a resident of the country or a tourist, it is useful to know more about the gambling sphere.

FAQ: Best Betting Sites in Dominican Republic

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