Betting Sites in Nicaragua

Located in the central part of Central America, Nicaragua has Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south, Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is has within recent time developed into a popular destination for sports betting. This guide aims to help you get started in betting in Nicaragua and explain the legal aspects and the best betting sites in Nicaragua. Find out the gamblinglaw, regulatory framework, and top sports betting platform to help you have a fun and legal time betting.

Betting Sites in Nicaragua

1996: Creation of national lottery.

2001: The first attempt to regulate the gambling industry.

2010: Adoption of law No 766 as the Special Law.

2011: The authorization of internet gambling.

2014: Transfer to the Ministry of Finance regulation.

History of Nicaragua Gambling Laws

Over the years, the laws regulating gambling in Nicaragua have been changing, and it is for the better. In the beginning, during the Sandinista rule, all kinds of gambling were prohibited in the country. The national lottery was not launched until 1996 and that marked the first time legal gambling was permitted in the country.

The legalisation and regulation of gambling first occurred in 2001 by the government. However, online gambling was banned until 2011 when the Special Law No. 766 was passed to regulate the already outlawed casinos and gambling houses.

Main Events in the Development of Nicaraguan Gambling Regulation

  • 1996: National lottery established.
  • 2001: The first attempt to legalizing gambling but the online gambling is still prohibited.
  • 2011: Special Law 766 regulates the markets related to online gambling.
  • 2014: Moving of regulation was done to the Ministry of Finance.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Nicaragua

Several bodies regulate gambling activities in Nicaragua, which is the main area of focus of this paper. The main and most authoritative authorities are the Control Board of Casino and Gaming Venues as well as the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. The key positions are held by the Financial Analysis Unit and the Treasury within the Ministry.

Main Regulatory Bodies

  • Control Board of Casino and Gaming Venues: Responsible for supervising the gaming facilities.
  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit: Concerns the financial elements of gambling.
  • Financial Analysis Unit: It helps in adhering to the set financial guidelines.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

It is important for anybody in Nicaragua intending to engage in betting to learn what is allowable and what is not. The laws are very clear as to what types of bets are allowed and what types are not allowed.

  • Permitted Bets
  • Casino games
  • Sports betting
  • Lottery
  • Prohibited Bets
  • Unlicensed gambling activities
  • Slot machines and table games in any place not licensed or regulated by the government

Gambling Licenses and Fees

In this case, Nicaragua’s gambling licensing system is set in a way that only the right and reputable companies are allowed to provide gambling services. The licenses are categorised in accordance with the kind of gambling activity.

Types of Licenses

  • 1. Class A: There has to be at least 71 slot machines and three table games.
  • 2. Class B: Between 25 and 70 of slot machines.
  • 3. Class C: 16 to 24 slot machines.
  • 4. Class D: Approximately, between 10 and 15 slot machines.

Fees and Taxes

  • Operating License Fee:
  • Ranging from $2,000 for a 20-year license.
  • Monthly Fees:
  • $20 per slot machine.
  • $100 per table game.

Best Betting Sites in Nicaragua

In a bid to search for the best bookmakers in Nicaragua, there are numerous sites and companies that one can opt to use. The following are some of the features of these sites; They have relatively high odds, many options for placing bets, and helpful customer support.

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Many options for the placement of bets on sports.
Offers live streaming options.

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Important sports events in Nicaragua

Thus, sports have always been an important part of the Nicaraguan culture and have influenced the nation’s identity. From the fight between the two legendary boxers to the home run that changed the baseball’s history, many events are still remembered.

Key Milestones

  • Alexis Arguello’s Victory: Also known as “El Flaco Explosivo” he has won three world championships.
  • Vicente Padilla’s Achievements: Represented Nicaragua in 1998 Baseball World Cup; the team won bronze.
  • Central American Games: Nicaragua came second in the 1970s, this shows the performance in sports was excellent.

Celebrated Sports Stars

There are some famous sport personalities in Nicaragua who have made the country proud with their achievements. They are still a source of motivation and example for the new generations of sportsmen and sportswomen.

Notable Athletes

  • Alexis Arguello: Am a three time world champion in three different weight divisions.
  • Dennis Martínez: First Nicaraguan to become baseball player in the Major League Baseball.
  • Irving Saladino: It means that he became the winner of the gold medal in triple jump in the 2008 Olympic Games that were held in Beijing.
  • Wilma Salas: Captured the gold medal in the 1995 Pan Am Games in volleyball.
  • Mariana Juárez: Several times the world champion in the flyweight and bantamweight categories of boxing.

Gambling Laws of Neighboring Countries

Knowing the legal framework of gambling in the nearby countries is also useful to have more comprehensive information.

Costa Rica:

  • It is required that casinos should be closed at 1 am on weekends.
  • An ordinary rate of 2% on the gross income from casinos and electronic betting operations.


  • Gambling and especially sports betting in the form of legalized casinos.
  • Strict regulatory framework.

El Salvador:

  • This form of gambling is still rather ambiguous when it comes to the law.
  • While the traditional casinos are licit they are also subjected to taxation.


It is essential to know and comprehend the legal framework regulating the various betting sites Nicaragua to explore the betting world. But with the correct information and tools you can have fun while betting and at the same time be safe. Always ensure that you are using genuine sites and ensure that you update yourself with the current legal situations.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Nicaragua

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