Betting sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Located in the central and western Balkan Peninsula is the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. To the south, west, and north, it is bordered by Croatia, while Serbia and Montenegro are to the east. Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of the United Nations on the 22nd of May in the year 1992. This blog post specifically deals with the betting sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina and covers the general information about its gambling legislations, regulating authority, sports betting platform, significant events, and others.

Betting sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1992: Gambling after independence: legal or not?

2011: First online gambling license to be issued

2013: The proposed ban of the unlicensed foreign based websites.

2019: Law on Games of Chance enacted

Famous athletes who enhanced the country’s athletic victory

A brief look at Bosnia and Herzegovina Gambling Laws

Gambling has been allowed in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992, a year after the breakaway from Yugoslavia. The country is split into two main political-administrative divisions the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, and both have different policies concerning gambling. Still, legal frameworks related to gambling are consistent for both of the regions.

Historical Context

Bosnia and Herzegovina has Bans and restrictions on gambling since the time when it was still part of Yugoslavia. After 1992, the country embrace a system that permitted different types of betting such as on sports, in casinos and through lotteries.

Key Milestones

  • 1992: Legalisation of gambling after gaining the sovereignty
  • 2011: Republika Srpska grants the first online gambling license
  • 2013: An effort made in the past to prevent the access of unlicensed foreign gambling websites.
  • 2019: Adoption of Law on Games of Chance, rise in taxes and the new laws on online gambling and other emerging forms of betting

Regulatory of Betting sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Currently, there are several regulating authorities that govern the gambling sphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all of them control different aspects of the sphere.

Republican Gambling Authority

The Republican Gambling Authority (Republicka Uprava Za Igre Na Srecu) is one of the departments of the Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska. This agency takes responsibility in the issuance of gambling licenses, monitoring of compliance and the regulation of gambling activities.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Regulatory Body

In the Federation, another body functions under the Ministry of Finance, which deals with licensing and regulation. These two agencies strive to ensure that the gambling activities are equal and open to everyone.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Knowing the kind of bets that are legal and those that are not legal can assists you to operate on the right side of the law.

Permitted Bets

  • Betting on sports (traditional and through the internet).
  • Casino games
  • Lottery games
  • Bingo and tombola

Prohibited Bets

  • Betting on political events
  • Speculative financial betting of a certain kind

Licensing and Fees of Bosnia and Herzegovina

To get a gambling license in Bosnia and Herzegovina one has to fulfill certain requirements and pay certain amount of money.

License Requirements

  • Head office of the company has to be situated in the country.
  • This is where the good conduct certificate for founders and owners comes in.
  • Here is an ASAP look at two of the most important factors: financial solvency and capital stability.

License Fees

  • Classical Tombola: 50,000 KM
  • Bookmaking: 100,000 KM
  • Slot Machines: 10,000 KM
  • Online Games: 200,000 KM
  • Electronic and casino games: 5.25 million Serbian dinars

It is usually for five years and then one can apply for its renewal.

Finding Betting Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Most well-known online betting sites are available in Bosnia and the country provides its citizens a vast list of sports and events to bet on. Some of the most popular are Betandyou, 1xBet, and 22Bet and the list is rather long.



Provides a lot of options for the sports and events to bet on.
This company is famous for its easy-to-navigate website and the helpdesk that is always ready to help.

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Provides the best bonuses and promotions to its new and regular customers.

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These sites have competitive odds and many markets to choose from making it suitable for anybody from a casual punter to a professional one.

Local Operators

Apart from the big international betting companies, there are several Bosnia-based bookmakers to place a bet with. It is worth mentioning that local bookmakers provide higher odds for the Bosnian football events and matches.

Milestones in sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Over the years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been known to achieve several milestones in the sporting events that has in some way shaped the betting culture.

Notable Achievements

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup: The national football team secured the first qualification to the tournament/
  • FIBA EuroBasket 2001: The team of basketball of our country got the championship.
  • Olympic Games: The presence of athletes was under the Yugoslavian flag which saw them win several medals.

Sports Star Glory

The country has also risen many sportmen who have gained international recognition thus increasing the popularity of sports betting.

Famous Athletes

  • Mirza Teletovic: A basketball player who plays in NBA specifically famous for his three-pointers.
  • Edin Dzeko: Footballer who has represented European big teams
  • Amel Tuka: Middle-distance runner who won a bronze medal at the World Championships is an example of an achievement made by the athlete.

Comparison of Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

It is also useful to know how the neighboring countries approach gambling related issues in order to gain a broader perspective.


  • Gambling adopted and controlled by law with certain guidelines.
  • Similar licensing conditions as the one in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Well-regulated gambling industry
  • Emphasize on the tourist associated forms of gambling.


  • Emerging gambling market
  • Recent attempts to cut down on the number of regulations


Therefore, Bosnia and Herzegovina presents a properly governed and numerous sports betting industry. From the strict rules governing the licensing of the industries to a long history of successes in sporting events, it is dynamic and interesting. For those who wish to read more about this, the advantages of comprehending local laws and possible betting platforms are quite significant.

Guidelines on Betting Sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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