Betting Sites in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country situated in the eastern part of Europe and has to its neighbours, Belarus to the north and Russia to the northeast, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the south. Ukraine claimed its independence on the 24th of August in the year 1991. This post will involve in explaining more on betting sites in Ukraine and Ukraine Sports betting. You will get information on the legal position, the various sites to bet, and how to have fun while betting in this country through this post.

Betting Sites in Ukraine

1991: Ukraine got its independence and opened the gambling industry.

2009: Gambling was banned due to a fire that killed several people.

2020: Online casinos that are regulated to be legal.

2021: Local operators to get first gambling licences.

2024: New laws enacted in the regulation of online gambling.

Gambling Laws and Legislation over the Years

It can be stated that gambling has always been popular in Ukraine, and its history is rather long. Let us look for the history of how and when the gambling laws were developed in the country to help us comprehend the current situation.

The Early Days

  • 1991: It should be noted that Ukraine got its independence and gambling was allowed from the very beginning.
  • 1991-2009: This was a time referred to as the ‘golden age of gambling’ and was characterized by poor regulation and much corruption.

The 2009 Gambling Ban

  • May 2009: A fire in a gambling hall in Dnipro became the cause of public anger, and the “On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine” law was passed.
  • June 2009: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed the law on its adoption that entered into force on June 25, 2009.

Online Gambling Ban

  • 2010: The Cabinet of Ministers decided that gambling should not be consider as an economic activity for the purpose of licensing.
  • 2011: Online Casinos was outlawed by the Gambling Prohibition Law which was amended recently.

Legalization of Online Casinos

  • 2020: Online casinos are legal since the adoption of the Law no. 768-IX.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Ukraine

It operates under the regulation of various bodies in order to provide a fair environment for the gambling business and its clients.

  • Ukrainian Gambling Council: Is in charge of the provision and regulation of online casino licenses.
  • Cabinet of Ministers: Regulates the conditions that are to govern the provision of gambling software licenses.
  • Gambling and Lottery Commission: The following is responsible for overseeing the principles of responsible gaming and other regulations.

What Kinds of Bets One Can Place and What Is Forbidden to Do

You need to be aware of the kinds of bets that are permissible and those that are not in Ukraine.

  • Permitted Bets:
  • Sports betting
  • Games that are played in the internet casinos and those that are played in the physical casinos
  • Poker
  • Lotteries
  • Prohibited Bets:
  • This includes all types of gambling that are conducted without the permit of the relevant authorities.

Gambling Licenses and Fees in Ukraine

It is important to note that all gambling sites must be duly licensed as a way of adhering to the laid down laws. The types of licenses include:

  • Online Casino License: The price of the project is 9 million UAH for 5 years.
  • Sports Betting License: Depends with the size that the organization has adopted.
  • Poker License: Online and offline poker to have different license.

Taxation Overview

The Tax Code of Ukraine outlines the following tax rates:

  • General Gambling Tax: This is 18% of the total money received from the gambling activities.
  • Slot Machines: It is the 10% of the gross gambling revenue.
  • Winnings Tax: 1. 5% of players’ winnings.

Besides, the common corporate taxes, the company is subject to extraneous taxes, which puts the overall tax rate in the middle of the scale for European countries.

Most Visited Betting Sites in Ukraine

There are several recognized betting sites based in Ukraine where people can engage in betting services.



Famous for its sportsbook and having live stream features.
Features of a casino include casino games, poker tournaments.

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Offers standard pre-match single bets and combination bets on various international sports.
Different virtual reality games to play.

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Offers sports betting, casino, bingo, and lottery.
Widely available options on different events happening in the world.

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The Ukrainian Sports Development

Ukraine has a rich sports history, marked by significant events:

  • 2006: Ukraine is participating in the FIFA World Cup for the first time and gets to the quarterfinals.
  • 2012: Ukraine’s men’s football team emerged the overall champions in the football event in London Olympics.
  • 2015: Women basketball team wins the gold at the European Championships.
  • 2016: The Norwegian men’s handball team clinches the gold at the European Championships in handball.
  • 2019: Elina Svitolina move to the last eight in the French Open championship.

Celebrating Ukraine’s Sports Stars

Ukraine has produced numerous sports legends:

  • Andriy Shevchenko: This year’s Ballon d’Or winner is.
  • Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko: Ruled the world in the world heavyweight boxing.
  • Sergey Bubka: Was the holder of the pole vaulting world record for a record twenty two years.
  • Yana Klochkova: Is a multiple Olympic gold medalist in swimming.
  • Elina Svitolina: One of the best tennis players who has given many splendid performances.

Gambling in the Neighboring Countries

Knowing the legal frameworks of gambling in other countries that are neighboring to the country under analysis may also be helpful.


  • Very controlled with state controlled casinos and online betting.
  • The regulation of business is strict with many licenses required, and taxes are also on the high side.


  • The following are the positive impacts of gambling;
  • Online gambling is mostly prohibited; however, some countries have embraced it socially and legally.


  • Regulated online gambling market.
  • Local permits are necessary for the operators of this kind of system.


There are a lot of Betting sites in Ukraine and the experience that is presented to the users of these sites is thrilling. Having a history of gambling, complex legislation, and a number of possibilities, Ukraine is gradually developing into a gambling center. No matter if you are into sports betting, casino, or poker, you can find what you are looking for here. So, it is advised to know the current trends and select only the reliable betting sites to avoid the risks and enjoy the process.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Ukraine

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