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Luxembourg is a country in north western Europe which shares its borders with Germany to the east, France to the south and Belgium to the west and north. Its land area is 2586. 3 square kilometers. When in Luxembourg, betting does not only involve the act of betting; it is more of going on a historical-cum-cultural trip. In this post, we will discuss more on the development of the gambling laws in Luxembourg, the options that are sports betting platform and the top betting sites in Luxembourg to use for bettering your betting experience.

Betting Sites in Luxembourg

1920: Joseph Alzin’s Olympic silver.

1952: The Josy Barthel Olympic win.

1958: Charly Gaul and his Tour de France victory.

2010: Andy Schleck’s victory in the Tour de France.

2017: Gilles Müller and his performance at Wimbledon.

History of Gambling Laws in Luxembourg

The history of gambling in Luxembourg is as colorful as it is long. First legalized in 1870, gambling had periods of prohibition and legalization until the year 1977, which was considered as the beginning of modern gambling laws. Key milestones include

  • 1977: The Gambling Law is passed which commercializes different types of gambling.
  • 1979: Grand-Ducal Regulation on the provisions of the 1977 law with respect to some of its articles.
  • 1987: The following is the Grand-Ducal Regulation on sports betting.
  • 2000: The act on electronic commerce that alters numerous codes and provides for the laws regarding electronic signatures.
  • 2002: Act concerning commercial practices, and unlawful competition.

Thus, these steps lie in the foundation of the current well-regulated gambling industry in Luxembourg.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Luxembourg

The regulation of gambling in Luxembourg is provided by several main authorities

  • Ministry of Justice: In charge of regulation and granting of licenses for private operators for sports betting, casinos, and lotteries.
  • National Grand Duchess Charlotte Relief Work: It regulates the National Lottery and all other lottery schemes permitted under the act.
  • Financial Intelligence Unit: Compliance with the anti money laundering policies.

These agencies are responsible for the protection of consumers and maintaining decency in the gambling operations in Luxembourg.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

In order to avoid the legal issues for both the bettors and the operators, it is necessary to know the allowed and prohibited types of bets.

Permitted Bets:

  • Sports Betting: It houses football, basketball and other common sports served in the society.
  • Lotteries: National and international lotteries are allowed.
  • Casino Games: Table games, slots and poker are also available for the gamers.

Prohibited Bets:

  • Unauthorized Lotteries: Lotteries not endorsed by the National Work of Grand Duchess Charles Religion Fund.
  • Illegal Online Gambling: Online gambling can only be provided by the licensed operators only.

Gambling Licenses and Fees in Luxembourg

All betting sites in the Italian market must acquire their licenses from the ADM to be in the right side of the law. The fees and time taker of these licenses differ

  • 2009: Twenty-one concessions were given out at the cost of 414,000 EUR for nine years and can be renewed annually for another 46,000 EUR.
  • 2015: 59 concessions granted at the value of EUR230,000 for each of them for seven years with the possibility of further annual renewal at the rate of EUR32,857.
  • 2023: Extended to 31st December 2024 through the provision of the Budget Law No 197 of year 2022.

Taxation on Gambling

Italy has a certain tax regime for the gambling activities

  • For sports betting, the tax rates are 4. 5% on the gross gaming revenue.
  • A 20% percentage on the gross profits from casinos.
  • General flat rate of 11% applies to bingo and other games of chance.
  • 3% of all the total buy-ins for the poker tournament.

Benefits of Betting Sites in Luxembourg

As for the online betting, there are several reliable sites in Luxembourg.


Betandyou: It is especially famous for its sport content and options to watch the events live.

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Betmaster: Given that the odds are competitive, and the markets are vast.

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20Bet: Combines the sportsbook with a casino section.

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These sites give the bettors a safe and fun way of placing their bets regardless of the type of bet they are interested in.

Major Events in Luxembourg Sports History

The history of sports betting in Luxembourg can be divided into several main stages, which have formed the current situation in the country.

  • 1920: Joseph Alzin gets silver at the Olympics in weight lifting.
  • 1952: Josy Barthel victorious at the Olympics in the 1500m race.
  • 1958: Charly Gaul takes the Tour de France victory.
  • 2010: Here is the list of last year’s winners; Andy Schleck wins the Tour de France.
  • 2017: Gilles Muller move to the quarter final of Wimbledon.

These milestones depict the history of the country in the sports arena.

Celebrating Luxembourg’s Sports Stars

There are many sports legends that originated from Luxembourg.

  • Charly Gaul: This year the winner of the Tour de France is the following: Didi 1958.
  • Andy Schleck: Cycling world champion in the tour de France in the year 2010.
  • Josy Barthel: The person is the Olympic champion in 1500m race.
  • Gilles Müller: Well known tennis player.

These athletes have placed Luxembourg on the map in the area of sports.

Gambling Legislation of Neighboring Countries

Now, let us briefly review the gambling legislations and the regulating bodies in the countries that are neighbors to Luxembourg.


  • Regulatory Agency: Regional governments.
  • Key Law: Interstate Treaty on Gambling (2021).
  • Key Point: Tight rules and policies regarding the online gambling.


  • Regulatory Agency: The national gambling authority (ANJ).
  • Key Law: Law no. 2010-476, Enacted on 2010.
  • Key Point: Framework that covers both the physical and the online form of gambling.


  • Regulatory Agency: Belgian Gaming Commission.
  • Key Law: This paper will look at the Gaming and Betting Act of 1999.
  • Key Point: Allowing of online gambling with certain measures in place.


Due to its highly regulated gambling industry that is complemented by the country’s love for sports, betting in Luxembourg is exceptional. It is vital to know the laws and the perfect sites to use whether you are a new player or an experienced one.

FAQ for Betting Sites in Luxembourg

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