Betting Sites in Malta

Malta is a small island nation situated in the central Mediterranean Sea, also referred to as the ‘Heart of the Mediterranean,’ and gained independence in September 1964, and became a republic in 1974. It entered the European Union in 2004. It has a good legal framework of gambling and numerous popular betting platforms that is why Malta is considered as one of the most popular places for bettors. In this blog post we will be looking at Malta sports betting, the legal framework surrounding it and some betting sites in Malta that are worth considering.

Betting Sites in Malta

1998: The Gaming Act coming into forces.

2004: Launching of the Remote Gaming Regulations.

2018: Reformation of the Gaming Act.

2021: Revision of the Directive on the protection of players.

2023: The following changes to the Gaming Act.

Malta Gambling Laws Over the Years

The legislation of gambling in Malta has undergone many changes in the course of time. Here are some of the major events which have been noteworthy in the history of Gambling:

  • 1998: The Gaming Act, Malta’s first and still existing gambling law was passed into law.
  • 2004: The Remote Gaming Regulations were put into place in accordance with EU Directives to allow for online gambling.
  • 2018: The Gaming Act was repeal and amended in order to cover all forms of gaming under one act.
  • 2021: Appended to the Player Protection Directive under article 22 was the regulation of the minimum RTP which was set at 85%.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Malta

All the gaming activities in Malta are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The MGA is the regulatory body that dealing with issuing of licenses and regulating gambling in accordance with laws in Malta. Some of the specific areas that are regulated are:

  • Lotteries and The National Lottery
  • Amusement machines
  • Casinos and cruise casinos
  • Commercial bingo halls
  • Gambling machines
  • Non-profit games
  • Betting, racehorses, and sweepstakes
  • Remote gambling

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

According to the Maltese gambling laws, one has to be at least 18 years old to be able to place a bet. As a part of responsible gaming measures the MGA has imposed certain restrictions towards advertising and self-exclusion of players.

Getting Licensed and Paying the Fees

Types of Gambling Licenses

Malta offers four main types of gambling licenses:

  • 1. Class 1 License: For online casino, skill games and lotteries.
  • 2. Class 2 License: None of the above listed purposes applies to betting activities.
  • 3. Class 3 License: For gaming and betting exchanges.
  • 4. Class 4 License: For firms dealing in the provision of gaming software.

Licenses are valid for a period of five years with an option of renewing the same. Before being granted a license, operators are to fulfill a number of conditions regarding the operations with machines, money laundering, and players’ protection.

Licensing Categories

The MGA has two categories of licenses it offers to the operators.

  • Gaming Service License (B2C): For providing or supplying a gaming service.
  • Critical Gaming Supply License (B2B): For offering or performing a critical gaming supply.

Licensing is done for a period of ten years and one is free to renew it as long as all the necessary requirements have been fulfilled.

Taxes on Gambling Activities

The taxation of gambling in Malta is done progressively; meaning the rates decrease as the revenue increases. The tax base is gross gaming revenue per year with the following scheduling:

  • 1. For every euro of the first €3 million: I. 25%
  • 2. For the following EUR 4 the following shall apply: 5 million: 1. 00%
  • 3. For every euro of the next €5 million: Unfortunately, I do not have any data to present to the class. 85%
  • 4. For each of the next €7. 5 million: 0. 70%
  • 5. For every euro of the next €10 million: None. 55%
  • 6. For every euro of the remaining amount: None. 40%

Best Betting Sites in Malta

There are several betting sites that have established themselves in Malta chiefly because of their efficiency and the service they offer.


888sport is one of the best and leading betting platforms in Malta. Based in the Uk since 1997 it provides a wide array of sports betting services and holds some of the best odds in the market.

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Mr. play has a good reputation among Maltese gamblers due to the clear interface of the website and nice bonuses for newcomers. Starting from football to horse racing, Mr. play has all the games that one can think of.

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Betandyou, which has been active on the market since 2010, offers numerous markets, and that includes esports betting. It is recommended for those who seek for many options.

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Major Events in Maltese Sports History

Betting in Malta has also been through significant milestones due to the occurrence of many sports events in the country.

  • The Organizing of the Small Nations Games.
  • Being in the UEFA Champions League
  • Victories in the mediterranean games.
  • Gaining medals in the European Championships
  • Rugby has slowly becoming famous with teams such as The Malta Knights getting exposure on the international stage.

Celebrated Maltese Athletes

Malta’s contribution to the sports world is noteworthy, with several athletes gaining international fame:

  • Michael Mifsud: The nation’s most prolific goal getter ever.
  • William Chetcuti: member of the Indian shooting team at the 2012 London Olympics where he won a bronze medal.
  • Matthew Grech: The record holding track and field athlete.

Gambling Laws of Neighboring Countries

Malta’s approach to gambling regulation stands out compared to its neighbors:


  • Regulated by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli
  • High taxes on the gambling income


  • Hellenic Gaming Commission as the main regulator.
  • Sever limitations on gambling online


  • Supervised by Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.
  • Licensing environment is open market and there are multiple licenses issued.


This is because the Maltese government has put in place very liberal gambling laws and very credible betting sites to place a bet. Due to its long history in sports and properly organized market, Malta is a great place for those who want to have some fun and try their luck and for those, who are more experienced in the sphere of gambling.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Malta

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