Betting Sites in Sweden

This country is located in the northern part of Europe and bordering with the countries of Norway and Finland and also sharing sea borders with other European countries, Sweden is a developed country that hosts the Noble Prize. In the current world, Sweden has emerged as one of the prime countries that are involved in the provision of online betting services. This blog demystifies the sports betting and online betting sites in Sweden through a brief history and explanation of the laws and rules that govern it and the best sports betting platform to use.

Betting Sites in Sweden

1994: Lotteries Act introduction

1999: Act on the Creation of Casinos

2002: New provision that legalises online gambling

2019: New regulation of gambling market

2021: New rules that have been set for betting, including esports

History of Gambling Laws in Sweden

Gambling has also been a part of Swedes’ lives for a long time now with the attitude towards it changing over the years. Here’s a quick overview:

  • 1994: The Lotteries Act was cemented into the society to regulate all forms of lotteries.
  • 1999: Casinos Act provided the basis for regulation of the brick and mortar casinos.
  • 2002: An amendment enabled online gambling operated by non-profits, Svenska Spel and ATG.
  • 2019: Major changes in the regulation of the gambling business, especially to protect consumers and ensure a level playing field.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Sweden

In Sweden, everything that pertains to gambling has been regulated to the highest level to protect gamers and make the experience fair. The primary regulatory body is the Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen), responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses to operators
  • Preventing the occurrence of gambling laws violations
  • Combatting illegal gambling activities

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

You need to know what is permitted or not permitted to be bet on. In Sweden:

  • Permitted: Sports betting, online casinos, poker, bingo and lottery games.
  • Prohibited: Outright betting on rule violations in sports, for instance, yellow/red cards in football and betting on players below 18 years.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The following are the requirements that must be met for a betting site to be legal in Sweden; licensing. These licenses cover various gambling activities:

  • Commercial Online Gambling: The section deals with online casinos, bingo and slot machines.
  • Land-Based Commercial Gambling: Comprise of casino games, Slots in the licensed zones and card tournaments.
  • Licensing Fees: They have to make a payment of a certain fee and an 18 percent tax on the gross gaming revenue.

Famous Betting Sites in Sweden



Was launched in 2017 and provides a good selection of sports that a player can place his or her bet on including football, ice hockey and tennis. It also has a rich assortment of games in the category of casino.

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Mr Green


One of the most popular gambling sites especially for horse racing, Mr Green has been in the market since 2007. It also has both local and foreign race betting.

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There is also the sportsbook at 888sport where cricket and rugby can be found. Its live streaming service is quite beneficial for many bettors, and that is why it is quite popular.

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Historical Appraisal of Sports Events in Sweden

Sweden has had its share of notable sports events that have captivated the nation:

  • 1958 FIFA World Cup: It was and event held in Sweden with football giants playing on the Swedish ground.
  • 1992 European Football Championship: Yet another event in football that took place in Sweden.
  • Olympic Gold in Ice Hockey: Sweden has also clinched several gold medals in the past and among the years they clinched gold is in the years 1994 and 2006.
  • America’s Cup in Sailing: This particular sport competition was held in Sweden and this country became the winner of this event for two times.
  • Ryder Cup in Golf: Sweden has won this major golf event and this is another achievement to add on the list of achievements of the country.

Celebrated Swedish Sports Stars

Sweden is one of the countries with a long list of athletes who have greatly contributed to their sports categories and worldwide.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimović: The only effective footballer, and the highest goal scorer in the history of the Swedish national team.
  • Björn Borg: Widely known tennis player with 11 Grand Slam titles and 5 times Wimbledon champion.
  • Peter Forsberg: A famous ice hockey player who has won several Stanley Cups and personal trophies and awards.

Laws on Gambling in the Neighboring Countries

Sweden has neighboring countries that have different laws concerning gambling. Here’s a snapshot:


  • Online gambling became legal in 2012.
  • Licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority.
  • The taxation structure is quite reasonable with 20% tax on the gross gaming revenue.


  • Strict gambling laws
  • Such a monopoly is state-run through the companies Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.
  • Constraints regarding the private sector operatives


  • State-controlled gambling through Veikkaus
  • This organization falls under the regulation of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Fund raising for social needs


Knowing the laws concerning the gambling industry of Sweden will definitely improve your chances of having a great gambling experience. Due to the availability of authorized betting sites that have favorable odds and Sweden’s strong background in sports, it has never been a better time to try Sweden sports betting. Regardless of the type of bettor that you are, it would be wise to make sure that the platform that you are registering on meets the necessary standards.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Sweden

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