Betting Sites in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country in north western Europe and shares its borders with Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815 and it is a constitutional monarchy since 1848. The Netherlands can truly be considered as one of the major centers of sports betting and related activities. Here you can find more information about betting sites in Netherlands, gambling laws and regulations, sports betting regulation and legislation for casinos, online betting platforms and more.

Betting Sites in Netherlands

1964: The coming into force of the Betting and Gaming Act.

2012: Formation of the Kansspelautoriteit.

2021: Coming into force of Remote Gambling Act.

2023: New rules and regulation on the advertising.

2024: Further measures to prevent gambling addiction.

History of Gambling Laws in the Netherlands

Therefore, gambling in the Netherlands has a long history. The first major act was the Betting and Gaming Act or Wet op de kansspelen passed in 1964. This law provided a basis for all forms of gambling activities therefore all the activities had to be well regulated and controlled.

Key Milestones

  • 1964: The Betting and Gaming Act of is enacted.
  • 2012: The Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch Gambling Authority is responsible for the supervising and regulation of gambling in the country.
  • 2021: The Dutch Remote Gaming Act (Wet Kansspelen op afstand, Koa) comes into force permitting online gambling.

Gambling Regulatory Agencies

The Kansspelautoriteit is the main regulator of gambling activities in the Netherlands. Formed on the 1st April, 2012 this agency ensures the provision of fair, ethical, and secure forms of gambling.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing licensed operators.
  • This paper seeks to explain the roles of enforcing compliance with gambling laws.
  • The prevention of gambling related harm to consumers.

Betting is not completely legal in the Netherlands, however not all types of betting is prohibited. Knowing the guidelines of what can and cannot be done can help avoid many problems.

Permitted Bets

  • To name a few, football betting, tennis betting and others.
  • In this category, we have the casino games; both the online and the traditional ones.
  • Lottery and lottery-like games.

Prohibited Bets

  • Unlicensed gambling activities.
  • Taking a bet on non-sport related activities without the required permission.

Licenses of Betting Sites in Netherlands

Holding the required licenses is mandatory for gambling operators willing to do business in the Netherlands. These licenses make sure that operators adhere to all the laid down rules and regulations as well as provide a fair play to the players.

Types of Licenses

  • Casino licenses.
  • Sports betting licenses.
  • Lottery licenses.

Fees and Taxes

  • Casino games are also taxed at a specific percentage of the gross gambling revenue which stands at 29%.
  • Winning from lotteries and betting that is above €454 is subjected to 29% tax.
  • The taxation of the Revenue from Online Gambling Operators and Suppliers is 29% with a 1. 95% gambling levy.

Best Betting Apps and Sites in the Netherlands

The betting fans in the Netherlands are in a position of having several places they can safely place their bets. Here are some of the best:


Betmaster has high odds on many games and sporting disciplines such as football and tennis. Their interface is easy to use and their support is great which is why people like to use them.

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The above-mentioned site, Mr. play, has a variety of sports markets including basketball, ice hockey and American football. They also provide live stream for some events.

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888sport has been in operation for online gaming since the year 1997 which speaks volume about the company. They have a rich choice of sports markets, good odds, and frequent special offers for the Dutch audience.

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Development of Dutch Sports Betting

Sports betting has transformed over the years in the Netherlands due to some factors such as changes in the laws and the use of technology.

Key Events

  • 1988: Netherlands becomes the European Champion of football.
  • 2010: The Dutch national team qualifies for the tournament of the World Cup.
  • 2012: In the field of the London Olympics, Netherlands has done well especially in hockey.
  • 2021: This was particularly the Remote Gambling Act.
  • 2023: New rules on advertising for remote gambling services for games of chance.

Sports Star Glory

The Dutch have raised some of the world’s best athletes, which has boosted the sports culture in the country.

Football Legends

  • With these words in mind, one can describe a famous football player Johan Cruyff, who is a three-time recipient of the Ballon d’Or award.
  • The discussed person is Marco van Basten, a talented football player, and a great athlete.

Other Sporting Heroes

  • Sven Kramer– A Dutchman who is an eight-time Olympic medalist in speed skating.
  • Esther Vergeer – A Dutch born wheelchair tennis player and holder of many records.

Regulations on Gambling of Neighboring Countries

It is also useful to identify the environment of the gambling industry in the neighboring countries in order to make some comparison.


  • Compliance with the rules with the emphasis on the players’ health.
  • Online gambling is allowed but is strictly controlled.


  • Strong regulation of gambling both in the online and offline markets.
  • Concerning the protection of consumers and endangered gaming.


  • Online gambling is legal, though; the operators must have licenses to conduct their business legally.
  • Prevention of gambling among the populace has been a major concern throughout the study.


Betting sites in the Netherlands are numerous and to get the right site one needs to understand the laws and regulations that govern them. Thus, knowing the current trends and selecting only reliable websites, the user will be able to have a pleasant and exciting experience.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Netherlands

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