Betting Sites in Turkey

Being the modern country, Turkey was founded on October 29, 1923; it operates on the Eurasian continent and shares borders with the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Syria, Iraq, Aegean Sea, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. In the recent past, the gambling industry in Turkey has gone through a dramatic change mainly in the sphere of online sports betting. In this article I will reveal the legal status of gambling in Turkey, the functions of control authorities, and the list of top betting sites in Turkey.

Betting Sites in Turkey

1984: Legalization of horse racing betting.

1996 (December): Casino ban.

2007 (February): In the Turkey online gambling is prohibited.

2008 (July): New measures implemented to enforce the law.

2013 (July): Strengthening of the existing rules and regulations.

Current Status of Gambling Legislation in Türkiye

A Historical Perspective

The history of gambling in Turkey can be characterized as quite eventful and rather long. It was warmly welcomed in the beginning and but slowly and gradually became more and more restricted. Here’s a brief timeline:

  • 1984: Horse race betting to be made legal.
  • 1990: The legal allowance of commercial casinos.
  • 1996: Conditions placed on casinos.
  • 1996 (December): No tolerance of casinos.
  • 2007 (February): The removal of online gambling.
  • 2013 (July): Increased punitive measures on persons engaging in the unlawful business of gambling.

Current Legal Framework

Today, Turkey has a very strong perspective on gambling. There are only four legal forms in the business organization:

  • Horse Race Betting: Subject to the provision of the Law on Horse Racing.
  • State Lottery: Milli Piyango is the one managing it.
  • Sports Betting: Bahasa yang diset by the IDDAA.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Turkey

Several agencies enforce these regulations:

  • Spor Toto Organization: Controls sports betting.
  • Milli Piyango Administration: Regulates the state lottery.
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Concerns with the regulation of horse racing.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets in Turkey

Legal Betting Activities

Many types of gambling are prohibited, yet some are allowed.

  • Horse Racing: Became legal in 1984 and was subsequently governed by certain laws of the country.
  • State Lottery: Regulated by the Milli Piyango Administration.
  • Sports Betting: This is provided by the state-owned Institute of Direct Distance and Data Advertising Agency (IDDAA).

Illegal Gambling Activities

Any other form of gambling is not allowed by the law other than these listed state sanctioned games. These are anonymous online gambling and unregulated casinos. The offenders are punished severely, which may include imprisonment and/or monetary fines.

Gambling Licenses and Taxes in Turkey

Licensing Fees and Requirements

The process of acquiring gambling license in Turkey is very professional and comes with certain conditions and costs.

  • Lottery License Fee: As of November 9, 2022, it is 2,000 TRY.
  • Permit Fees: For the domestic products the share is 15% of the total market value for prizes and 30% for the imported ones.

Taxation of Gambling Revenues

Gambling revenues are subject to various taxes:

  • Mutual Odds Betting on Sports Tax: 5 percent of the total revenue to be paid every month.
  • Betting on Horse Racing Tax: It is 7% of the total revenue that has to be contributed every month.
  • Games of Luck Tax: One tenth of the total turnover every month.

These taxes are helpful to Turkey’s economy and at the same time helps in regulating the gambling activities.

Best Online Betting Sites in Turkey


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The History of Turkish Sports Milestones

t has always been a sporting nation and has had a history of claiming the world stage in many ways.

  • 2000: Galatasaray has the privilege of becoming the UEFA Cup champion and the UEFA Super Cup champion.
  • 2002: The National football team comes out third in the FIFA World Cup.
  • 2010: Men’s basketball team secures 2nd place at the FIBA World Championship NBA.
  • 2011: Women’s volleyball team secure the third place at the European Championship.
  • 2012: FIVB world grand prix women’s volleyball: China secures the third position.

Celebrating Turkish Sports Stars

  • Football Legends: Turkey is home to great footballers such as Hakan Şükür and Arda Turan who have greatly contributed to football both nationally and internationally.
  • Basketball Heroes: Famous basketball players such as Hedo Türkoğlu and Ersan İlyasova can be mentioned who have become famous in NBA and international championship and have made Turkey proud.
  • Volleyball Champions: Of the teams, women’s volleyball has been doing well with players such as Neslihan Demir and Gözde Kırdar in different tournaments.

Gambling Regulation in Neighbouring Countries


  • Legal Forms: Legalised state-controlled gambling online.
  • Regulatory Body: Hellenic Gaming Commission.


  • Legal Forms: The major types are the physical casinos and the online casinos.
  • Regulatory Body: The organization that we shall use as a case study is the State Commission on Gambling.


  • Legal Forms: Both the real life and virtual / online casinos.
  • Regulatory Body: The company in consideration is the Ministry of Finance.


It is essential to know the environment of betting sites in Turkey and Turkey sports betting” to every person who wants to gamble in the territory of Turkey. Hence, due to the legal restrictions, limited options for gambling, and a strong influence of the regulating authorities, Turkey can be considered as an interesting and rather complicated market.

FAQ on Betting Sites in Turkey

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