Betting Sites in India

India is located in South Asia and shares its borders with China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka while Pakistan is in the northwest. The republic was declared on the 26th of January in the year 1950. Given the fact that the betting sites in India have a deep history and there are certain complicated laws related to it. In this blog post, let us first learn the history of gambling laws and the agencies that regulate betting in the country, the legal position of certain betting platforms, and the most famous sports betting sites that are currently available.

Betting Sites in India

1867: Public Gambling Act.

1998: Lotteries Act.

2008: Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act.

2023: Tamil Nadu Online Gambling Prohibition and Regulation Act.

2023: The amendment to the Information Technology Act regulates online games.

Brief Overview of Gambling Laws in India

The laws regarding gambling in India have been ever changing due to the cultural values, economic reasons, and the court rulings.

  • 1867: The Public Gambling Act was enacted during the British regime and prohibited people from running or frequenting a public gaming house. However, games of skill were not prohibited under this act.
  • 1998: The Lotteries Act gave the states permission to establish and manage lotteries which paved the way for legal and prohibited lotteries.
  • 2008: The Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act allowed some of the online games such as Roulette and Poker as a clear indication that the governing body was in the process of legalizing online gambling within the state.
  • 2023: The Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Act banned online gambling and real money games of chance using technology in Tamil Nadu.

The Regulating Bodies of Betting Sites in India

The regulation of gambling in India is done by the State and the Central Government through different and manifold agencies to regulate and oversee gambling activities.

  • State Governments: It should be noted that each state has the right to regulate the activity of gambling and its legalization on its territory.
  • Tamil Nadu Online Gaming Authority: To enforce the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Act for controlling online gambling the following was put in place.
  • Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY): Enables a general framework for online gaming through the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Betting is not fully legal or fully prohibited in India as it depends with the type of bet and the region in which it is placed.

  • Prohibited Bets:
  • Generally, any form of casino gambling is prohibited in India with the exception of certain areas of Goa and Sikkim.
  • Online sports betting is mostly banned, with the legal situation remaining rather vague.
  • Permitted Bets:
  • Horse racing is regarded as a game of skill which is why it is lawful.
  • Lotteries are deemed legal under the 1998 Lotteries Act, however not all states have lotteries.
  • Thus, it is permissible to play skill games, for instance, Poker or Rummy.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The procedure of getting a gambling license in India is quite complex and differs from one state to another and involves some fees.

  • Casino Licenses: Goa and Sikkim require a PLF of INR 1,00,000/ with a RL of INR 5,00,00,000 for five years.
  • Online Gaming Licenses: The application fee in Sikkim is INR 500 whereas the fees for the provisional license is INR 1,00,000. Normal license fee is INR 1,00,00,000.

There are numerous betting sites in India that have emerged to be popular thanks to the numerous markets they offer and relatively good odds.


Dafabet: Dafabet is known for its huge cricket offering and excellent odds and thus it is a popular site among the cricket fans. It has a simple design and allows the users to bet on various games, including international and local tournaments.

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Melbet: A big betting exchange with higher odds through placing bets on other players, Melbet is a good platform for it. It has a large number of sports and events, helpful bonuses, and a professional support service that can help resolve any issues.

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Megapari: A wide range of betting possibilities and a great promo, Megapari excels in the sportsbook section that is filled with numerous sports and events. The platform also has live betting and streaming services, which are the reason why many people prefer this platform.

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Some Significant Events of Indian Sports

India has had many accomplishments and occurrences in the field of sports which defines its present status.

  • 1951 and 1982: India welcomed the Asian Games.
  • 1987, 1996, and 2011: Cricket was the main event of the year, India was hosting the Cricket World Cup.
  • 2010: India organized the games of the common wealth.
  • 1975, 1982, and 2018: India is the champion of Hockey World Cup.

Focusing on the Sports Personalities in India

Some of the Indian athletes have earned pride for the nation by exhibiting their talent and skill.

  • Sachin Tendulkar: Known one of the best batsman in the cricket world ever.
  • Milkha Singh: Four-time gold medalist in the 1958 Asian Games and one of the greatest athletes.
  • P. T. Usha: Multi-gold medalist track and field athlete in the 1985 Asian Track and Field Championships.

Gambling Regulations in Other Countries

In this regard, Indian gambling legislations can be compared to the laws of the neighboring countries.


  • The act of introducing casino gambling into the country since the 1960s.
  • Expats are allowed to gamble; citizens are not.

Sri Lanka:

  • Gambling in casinos is permitted and it is controlled.
  • Issues operating licenses to both the domestic and international firms.


  • Gambling is completely prohibited in all its aspects.
  • Tough measures including punitive measures against all those who breach the set measures.


The environment of betting sites in India is quite complex and rapidly developing. To navigate sports betting in India, it is necessary to know the background and the legal situation as well as the possibilities that are there. Therefore, you can have a fun and secure time betting on your favorite events and remain in the legal framework of your country.

FAQ: Betting Sites in India

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