Betting Sites in Laos

Laos is a landlocked nation in northern Indochina, it covers Cambodia in the south, Vietnam to the east, Myanmar to the northeast, and Thailand in the south and southwest. The last monarchy collapse occurred on December 2, 1975, when the Lao People’s Democratic Republic was established. Due to the growing attention to the online betting, many people would like to learn the rules of betting, the legal betting platforms of Laos, and popular sports betting. This article gives betting enthusiasts and tourists all they need to know about betting sites in Laos.

Betting Sites in Laos

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1975: Lao People’s Democratic Republic is the first to set up initial gambling laws.

2003: This is because the first SEZ officially opened, permitting a restricted type of gambling.

2009: Granting of Online gambling licenses.

2015: Thinking about the possibility of the regulation of online gambling in the perspective of taxes.

2023: Current state and some of the famous betting sites mentioned.

History of Gambling Laws in Laos

Seeing the potential of the industry, the Lao government joined the region’s Southeast Asian neighbors in the mid-2000s to address the business of gambling. There are formal laws on gambling that were passed in 1975 soon after the creation of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. This swept the government to set very strict rules towards the gambling, in which nearly all types of gambling was prohibited to all Lao people. However, implementation of punitive actions were not fully done on foreign nationals unless they operated in Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

Key Milestones

  • 1975: Formation of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic; the first gambling laws passed.
  • 2003: First SEZ is opened allowing limited gambling to foreigners.
  • 2009: The licenses for the online gambling activities were introduced in the SEZs as it was rather restricted and regulated.

Regulator of Betting Sites in Laos

There are several agencies that regulate the gambling activities in a bid to conform to national laws and regulations. These agencies play a crucial role of ensuring that the different gambling activities being conducted are safe and would not corrupt the nation.

Main Agencies

  • Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zones: Is responsible for regulation of casinos in SEZs.
  • Ministry of Finance: Absorbs and regulates authority taxes and licenses for operations of gambling.
  • Lao Youth Union: Engagements on the production of public health programs regarding the consequences related to gambling.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

What’s Allowed

It is unlawful for Lao citizens to participate in most kinds of gambling, although specific operations are allowed for foreigners in SEZs. These include:

  • Casino Games: Such casino games as Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and others.
  • Sports Betting: Football, basketball and so on.
  • Online Betting: Only restricted to casinos that are located in SEZs.

What’s Prohibited

The following activities are strictly banned for Lao citizens and are punishable by law:

  • Online Casinos: Not clearly forbidden, but broadly banned.
  • Slot Machines: Outside SEZs.
  • Unlicensed Gambling: Basically, any gambling not approved by the state is considered unlawful.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The process of procuring a gambling license in Laos has been established courteously by the Ministry of Finance with stiff measures that have to be followed. The licenses are mostly granted for the operation in SEZs, and the costs are given depending on the kind of a gambling operation.

License Types

  • Casino License: This is necessary in running a physical casino and the good results attained by Las Vegas show that this is a good model to adopt.
  • Online Gambling License: Required for hosting sites for gambling online.

Fees and Taxes

  • Application Fee: $50,000
  • Annual Renewal Fee: $100,000
  • Gambling Tax: Here 20% of gross revenue as pointed out in the Income statement section.

Despite the fact that there are strict laws that have been put in place some online betting sites still operate for the locals and tourists. These platforms allow for all kinds of betting including on sports, casino, among many others to guarantee an all-round gambling.

Top betting sites in Laos


1XBet: Popular for their big Games Offer and Live Help.

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Melbet: Provides many esports and mainline sports markets.

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22Bet: Easy to navigate website and good for newcomers to the world of betting.

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Major Achievements in Laos Sports Betting

Key Events for sports glory

  • 2003: First SEZ is launched and legal gambling for foreigners is now allowed.
  • 2009: Savan Vegas Casino is founded and developed as the key tourist site.
  • 2015: People having intention to plan in Laos try to consider the launching of an online gambling site to increase the government’s tax revenue.

Notable Athletes

  • Somsay Phounsavath: He is the winner of the 800m event and a gold medalist during the Sydney Olympics of the year 2000.
  • Khamla Soukaphone: A 2008 Beijing Olympics weightlifting bronze medalist.
  • Somluck Kamsing: Champion of the 1996 Summer Olympic held in Atlanta in the boxing event.

Gambling Regulations in Neighboring Countries


  • Online Gambling: While it is prohibited to citizens it is nevertheless permitted in SEZs.
  • Casinos: Allowed in some areas for foreigners.


  • Online Gambling: Originally allowed, as of the current update from the year 2020, it is prohibited.
  • Casinos: Many, mostly because of the holiday makers.


  • Online Gambling: Alpine XG15 DVR is Illegal under all circumstances if used in the wrong way.
  • Casinos: Included in the complete ban list, but rarely violated.


Thus, gaining an insight into the context of betting sites in Laos and Laos sports betting tends to be a rather challenging yet insightful process. Although it is very regulated and the culture of sports is quite developed, betting presents itself as a unique platform for people willing to try it out. If you need more information, it is always helpful to sign up for a newsletter or consult with one of the specialists.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Laos

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