Betting Sites in Oman

Oman is one of the countries in Western Asia that is situated in the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Arabian Sea; the UAE is to the northwest and Saudi Arabia to the west. Online betting has increased in the recent past and this has not exempted Oman. Although the gambling is prohibited in Oman, people engage in sports betting frequently. This guide will give the reader an understanding of the current betting situation in Oman regarding the laws, history, and the best betting sites in Oman currently.

Betting Sites in Oman

1970: These laws on gambling in Oman were put into place.

1997: Amendment for the arrest of gambling equipment and funds.

2011: Online gambling is also covered by the law.

2009: Oman took home the trophy of the Gulf Cup of Nations.

2018: Arabian Gulf Cup: Oman is the new champion.

History of Gambling Law and Legislation

The regulation of gambling in Oman has a rather stringent and checked history. As for the gambling, it has been prohibited in the country since the inception of the Oman in 1970. Here’s a concise timeline:

  • 1970: Beginning of the Sultanate of Oman; Gambling is prohibited.
  • 1997: Addition to the Omani Penal Code on the confiscation of gambling proceeds and the means used for gambling.
  • 2011: An Act of the Royal Decree No 12/2011 was issued banning online gambling.
  • 2018: This is because Royal Decree 7/2018 still remains a clear indication of the prohibited gambling activities.

These laws give a very clear indication that gambling in its various forms is totally banned in Oman.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Oman

The legal structure of Oman has been developed in a way that make it possible to continue prohibiting gambling. In this regard, The Royal Oman Police (ROP) and Ministry of Information are also core in the implementation of these laws. Key points include:

  • Royal Oman Police: Ensure that gambling laws are complied with and ensure that anyone found guilty of the offense is brought to court.
  • Ministry of Information: Prohibits the access of gambling sites and regulates the content of the internet.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Most forms of gambling are prohibited in Oman. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Prohibited Bets:
  • Any activities that are related to the gambling such as the use of casinos or betting shops.
  • Gambling through the use of the internet and other forms of computer networks and telecommunication technologies.
  • Permitted Bets:
  • Duty-free raffles at airports.
  • Individual marketing lotteries carried out by companies.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

As gambling is prohibited in Oman there are no licenses granted for gambling activities. Without a proper licensing system, there is no fixed fee or a tax system associated with the gambling business. There are no lawful forms of gambling and any related activities are punishable by the law.

Best Online Betting Sites in Oman

Nevertheless, due to the prohibition of the activity in Oman, citizens of the country often prefer to use foreign-based bookmakers services. Here are some of the most popular ones:



Sign Up Bonus: OMR 30 maximum.
Bonus Structure: Three free bets of OMR 10 each which will be given at various intervals of the betting process.

Bet £30 Get £30 Visit Site



Welcome Bonus: up to $100 or its equivalent in OMR (38 approximately).
Deposit Requirement: The first deposit has to be made using any payment method, except cryptocurrencies.

Up To £100 Visit Site



New Customer Bonus: $1000 (about OMR 350)
Wagering Requirement: Check out the wagering requirement of the bonus, it should be wagered five times before withdrawal and only accumulator bets are allowed.

Up To £1000 + £10 Free Bets Visit Site

These platforms help Omani gamblers to place their bets on various sports even though these platforms work in a juridical grey area.

Milestone Events in Sports

Many argue that Oman has a colorful history in as much as sporting activities are concerned given that it has undergone through a number of milestones over time:

  • 2009: It is worth to point out, however, that Oman has been recently successful in winning the Gulf Cup of Nations.
  • 2018: Oman now holds the cup for this Arabian Gulf Cup.
  • Olympic Achievements:
  • Golf: couple of medals Shooting
  • Sailing: several medals.

This has made many people venture into betting on various games even if the practice is legally prohibited in many countries.

Sports Star Glory

Sport is also well developed in Oman and Oman has a number of excellent athletes who have placed themselves among the world’s best.

  • Ali Al-Habsi: He is the first Oman player to be joining the English Premier League side.
  • Ahmed Al-Maktoum: The winner of the Olympic Games in shooting.
  • Amna Al-Haddad: First Middle East women who get qualification for weightlifting in the Olympics.

They have encouraged many young Omanis and also boosted the interest of sports betting.

Gambling Laws of Neighboring Countries

Here’s a brief overview of gambling laws in three neighboring countries:

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • It is prohibited by Federal Law No. 3 of the year 1987.
  • The rules are very rigid with strong consequences in the event of a breach of the set regulations.

Saudi Arabia

  • Islam strictly prohibits gambling as it is forbidden in the Sharia law.
  • Consequences of the violation are severe: one can be imprisoned, pay a fine.


  • Gambling is prohibited and the laws are rather strict in this regard.
  • Repercussions include the individuals being jailed or/and pay a certain sum of money.


The legal framework of Oman for gambling is rather specific and regulates the existing activities closely. Nevertheless, Omanis still manage to bet on sports as they are passionate about sports and successful athletes of their country. Whether you are new to the whole experience, or you have been placing your bets for many years, it is important to know the law. Know the latest and gamble safely.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Oman

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