Betting Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic state in the Southeast Asian region with its capital in Jakarta and sharing its international boundaries with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Indonesia became a republic in 1950 and the union with the Netherlands-Indonesian Federation was dissolved in 1954. Gambling is one of the oldest ways of entertainment but is strictly prohibited and much debated in Indonesia. This blog post is devoted to the topic of sports betting in Indonesia, including the legal aspect and the most used betting sites in Indonesia.

Betting Sites in Indonesia

1974: Indonesia doesn’t allow gambling.

2012: Government to ban all forms of online gambling to be outlawed soon

2019: One of the largest online gambling rings to be unraveled

2023: Of them, 805,923 pieces of gambling content were also deleted.

2012: An underground casino has a $33,000 daily turnover in the movie.

History of Gambling Laws in Indonesia

It can thus be said that the history of gambling in Indonesia is a history of the country’s civilization and its relation with religion.

  • 1974: All kinds of gambling were prohibited and considered to be strictly forbidden.
  • 2012: Indonesia has followed through with its plans of banning all forms of online gambling as a result of increased betting activity during the European Football Championships.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Indonesia has put a ban on both land-based and online gambling as provided by Article 303 of the Criminal Code. The penalties include fines and in some cases even imprisonment.

  • Prohibited Activities:
  • Casinos and poker rooms
  • Sports betting
  • Online gambling platforms
  • Permitted Activities:
  • None: Indeed, all types of gambling are prohibited, both for the locals and the foreigners.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia has several regulatory bodies that oversee gambling activities, ensuring strict adherence to the law:

  • Kominfo (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology): Founded in May 2023, and headed by Budi Arie Setiadi, its function entails censoring the internet and erasing gambling contents.
  • Financial Services Authority (OJK): Targets’ bank accounts associated with the online gambling activities.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies: Concerning the prosecution of gambling offenses.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Considering the fact that there are strict rules in place, Indonesia does not grant gambling licenses. As gambling is prohibited there are no specific fee structures or tax schedules that can be put into place.

The Most Known Betting Sites in Indonesia

However, there are many international betting websites that have not been blocked which has created a way to access them in Indonesia. Some of the most popular include:


Dafabet: Dafabet is well known for its huge market selection and good odds, and offers a easily navigated site together with a number of special offers to help improve your betting experience.

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Melbet: Offers many sports and markets that come with live stream while also having a full-scale version of the mobile application for betting on the go.

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BetWinner: Well, I can pride myself having lots of choices to bet and to do it on esports and virtual sports, having numerous promotions to offer and a friendly customer support service.

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Milestone Events in Sports

Indonesia also has several monumental events in sports and these are usually commemorated and recognized regardless of the rigid gambling legal structures in Indonesia:

  • 1992: The Indonesian Susi Susanti takes the first Olympic gold medal in badminton at the Barcelona Olympics.
  • 2004: Taufik Hidayat wins the gold medal in the badminton men’s singles event of the Athens Olympics.
  • 1938: Indonesia gets into the FIFA World Cup and becomes the first Asian country to do so.

Celebrated Sports Stars

Indonesia has produced numerous sports stars who have achieved international acclaim:

  • Bambang Pamungkas: Record holder of most number of goals scored in the Indonesian Super League.
  • Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto: First Indonesian to grace the UEFA Champions League.
  • Cristian Gonzales: First indonesian football player to play in the spanish la liga football competition.

Regulations on Gambling in the Neighboring Countries

To provide a broader perspective, let’s briefly summarize the gambling laws in three neighboring countries:

  • Malaysia: Gambling is mostly prohibited, however, people of other religious beliefs are allowed to gamble in licensed casinos.
  • Singapore: Legal and can be done with licenses for casinos and for betting on sports through the official channels.
  • Philippines: Looser, in a country where an entire industry with casinos and online betting platforms is allowed.


To that end, it is essential to comprehend the workings of gambling laws and betting sites in Indonesia. However, sports and the excitement that comes with betting have not been easily contained as is seen in Indonesia. If you want to go further or get regular updates of the latest trends, you might want to join us today and discover the wonderful world of sports and betting.

FAQ on Betting Sites in Indonesia

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