Betting Sites in Jordan

The country of Jordan is situated in the western part of Asia and is neighbored by Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia; the only outlet to the sea is the Gulf of Aqaba. It attained independence and formed a constitutional monarchy on the 22nd of March in the year 1946. This post is your one-stop-shop to comprehending all the legal aspects of gambling as well as top betting sites in Jordan, and sports betting in Jordan. Starting from the history of gambling laws and moving on to tips on how to gamble safely, we have you covered.

Betting Sites in Jordan

1946: The State of Jordan is established and gambling is banned.

1960: The laws of Jordan as spelt out in the Jordan penal code frowns on gambling.

2004: The national football team of Jordan moves up the ladder to the 37th position in the FIFA.

2016: Jordanian, Ahmad Abughaush claims the gold in Olympic taekwondo

2013: Jordan takes the championship in the football Arab Cup

Gambling laws in Jordan: a brief history

Thus, the topic of gambling has always been rather delicate and has its grounds in the history of Jordan. Here’s a breakdown of the key events:

  • 1946: Gambling is born as a vice and all forms of gambling are outlawed in the formation of Jordan.
  • 1960: The Jordan Penal Code also prohibits all forms of gambling and thus enshrises these prohibitions in the law.

Gambling is a prohibited activity according to the Islamic law, which forms the basis of the country’s legal system. This country has a strong regulation concerning both land-based and online gambling.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Jordan

In Jordan, the legal regulation is directed at preventing the violation of the country’s anti-gambling laws. Key agencies include:

  • Sharia Courts: It deals with issues of personal status such as the activities that are connected with gambling for example.
  • Civil Courts: These courts deal with criminal matters and, inter alia, unlawful gambling cases.
  • Execution Courts: Concerning with the duties of imposing penalties and fines that are linked with gambling violations.

These agencies make sure that gambling is well regulated hence in compliance with the Jordanian culture and laws.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

This is because knowing the dos and don’ts will assist an individual to avoid breaking the law.

  • Prohibited Bets
  • All the types of gambling, including Internet gambling.
  • Selling and distributing of the lottery tickets.
  • Operating betting establishments
  • Permitted Activities
  • Certain forms of the fundraiser like bingo are allowed but they are put under very strict control.
  • National lotteries are sometimes allowed for particular missions

Gambling Licenses and Fees

As of now, there is no gambling license issued in Jordan, thus, any gambling business is prohibited in the country. Therefore, there are no possible charges or taxation polity for the online casinos.

Best Betting Sites in Jordan

Nevertheless, there are some international betting sites which can be accessed by the people of Jordan. Here are a few of the best:


1xbet: As one of the providers that operate a vast number of sports markets, 1xbet gives newly registered users up to 122 JOD in free bets.

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Betandyou: The same as the previous one, this platform also has a variety of betting options and daily bonuses. New users stand a chance of getting up to 30 JOD in free bets.

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Melbet: Has a good size of markets on most sports and a sign up bonus of a risk free bet worth up to €30.

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Milestone Events in Sports

Amateur and professional sports have always been a significant part of the Jordanian society’s life and the country has been actively participating in international sports competitions for quite a long time. Some significant milestones include:

  • 2004: The Jordan national football team attains its best FIFA ranking ever at position thirty-seven.
  • 2010: The Jordan rugby team also has the privilege of competing in international test matches hence boosting its international stature.
  • 2016: Ahmad Abughaush claims Olympic gold in Taekwondo in the Rio Olympic games.
  • 2013: Jordan becomes the winner of the Arab Cup in the football.
  • 2016: Jordan rewards the West Asian Football Federation Championship trophy.

Sports Star Glory

The Jordanians have some fine sportsmen and women who have represented the country very well and made it proud on the international arena. Here are a few notable names:

  • Michael Jordan: Is believed to be the best basketball player of all time.
  • Ahmad Abughaush: A gold medalist for the Olympics in the sport of taekwondo.
  • Oussama Mellouli: Cameron van der Burgh: the first black African to win an Olympic gold in swimming.
  • Mariam Farid: An athlete who specialises in the one hundred metre sprint and has won many medals in various championships.
  • Ahmad Hayel: Forward who has represented the top clubs in Europe and some beautiful goals.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

For a broader perspective, let’s look at the gambling laws in three neighboring countries:

Saudi Arabia

  • Like Jordan, all the forms of gambling are strictly prohibited in the respective country.
  • The enforcement is quite strict with strict penalties for anyone found guilty of the offense.


  • Gambling is legal in Israel to an extent, with the exceptions of casinos, national lottery and sports betting.
  • The regulation of gambling activities is done by the Israeli Sports Betting Council.


  • Thus, the legal framework of the given country allows some forms of gambling, including casino gambling and lotteries.
  • The Casino du Liban is well known gambling facility operating under the laws of the Ministry of Finance.


It is because of the values that are upheld in the country that the laws on gambling in Jordan are very strict. Although the legal gambling opportunities are scarce in the country, the nation has a great sports culture and foreign betting platforms are available for Jordanians with precautions. If you want to bet or just follow the sports news from Jordan, being informed is the only way you can go.

FAQs about Betting Sites in Jordan

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