Betting Sites in Turkmenistan

At the north of Iran, Turkmenistan is located and the countries that border it include the Afghanistan in the southeast, Uzbekistan in the northeast, the Kazakhstan in the northwest and the Caspian Sea in the west. This country become independent on October 27, 1991, and named as Turkmenistan. Sports betting industry is developing here, so it is necessary to know the information about the betting sites and gambling regulations. Understand betting sites in Turkmenistan and sports betting including the history of legal aspects of gambling.

Betting Sites in Turkmenistan

1991: Freedom from the Soviet Union

1999: Gambling legalized

2016: Online gambling banned

2012: AFC Challenge Cup won.

2019: Qualified for the Asian Cup.

To comprehend the current legal environment in Turkmenistan concerning gambling, one has to look at the history of the country’s legislation. Looking at the history of the country, one can notice that the legislation on gambling has been through a number of changes.

  • 1991: When Turkmenistan gained independence from the USSR, they did not receive Russian gambling laws; thus, lotteries are prohibited.
  • 1999: The regulation of gambling was approved; thus, making gambling legal and opening the door for the legal gambling industry.
  • 2016: With the Law on Advertising that came into force, online gambling was prohibited, including advertisements for gambling.

The following are the key milestones that have defined the gambling environment in Turkmenistan and formed the present legal basis.

Gambling Regulatory Agencies in Turkmenistan

The regulation of gambling in Turkmenistan is carried out by state authorities in accordance with the Law on Licensing of Some Types of Activity. These agencies regulate the issuance of licenses, adhere to the laid down regulations and penalty dispersion for defaulters.

  • Licensing Authority: The state authorities defined by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan are engaged in the licensing of activities and regulation of the activities of their subordinates.
  • Compliance and Enforcement: These bodies make sure that all the entities licensed by the respective governments abide by the set down rules and regulations.

These agencies have the responsibility of licensing of gambling facilities, regulating the operations, and ensuring that there is compliance with the set standards to avoid dishonesty in the gambling business.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The legal framework of Turkmenistan outlines the kinds of bets that are allowed and the ones that are not allowed. It is vital to comprehend these rules for anybody who wants to experience betting services.

  • Permitted Bets:
  • Different sporting events and betting on them
  • Casino games in the regulated outlets
  • Lotteries and raffles
  • Prohibited Bets:
  • Online gambling (since 2016)
  • Unlicensed gambling activities

Thus, following these guidelines, players will be able to distinguish between legal and authorized gambling activities.

Licenses and Fees of Betting Sites in Turkmenistan

Types of Licenses

Turkmenistan has several types of gambling licenses that are given based on the kind of gambling that is to be conducted. It is mandatory for the applications to contain personal and business details.

  • Casino Licenses: Given to operators for the operation of physical based casinos.
  • Betting Shop Licenses: For companies that have their branches that are involved in the physical betting activities.

License Fees and Taxation

Certain charges are required from the gambling operators to acquire and renew their licenses. Furthermore, they are charged with gambling taxes depending on some characteristics.

  • License Fees: Fees range from the kind and level of the gambling operation that is being conducted.
  • Gambling Taxes: According to the number of gaming machines, tables, seats, and the area intended for gambling.

For example:

  • 1. Per gaming machine: 30 Turkmenistan manat per day and 40 manat for the weekend.
  • 2. Per table: The estimated average price of the cheapest meal is 370 Turkmenistan manat per day.
  • 3. Per seat: 7 Turkmenistan manat per day.

Best Betting Sites in Turkmenistan

As a result of the legal framework, several betting sites have taken the market in Turkmenistan and became popular among the bettors. Here are some of the top betting sites that cater to the needs of Turkmen bettors:


1xbet has numerous products that a player can bet on in various sports such as football, basketball, and tennis. New users can also get a welcome bonus of 50% of the first deposit, but not more than $100.

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Betandyou is popular for its high odds and live broadcast services. New customers can get a $30 exchange bet without charge when they open an account.

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Some features that make Melbet unique include; easy to use interface and quick payout. New players can get a 100% match bonus on the first deposit made with the amount of up to $150 using the code “MELBET”.

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The Major Sporting Events of Turkmenistan

Some of the important international sporting events that have been held in Turkmenistan include; These events have thus played a part in developing the country’s interest in sport and betting.

  • Turkmenistan President’s Cup: An annual football tournament for the best football teams of Turkmenistan.
  • Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (2017): An international sports event held in Ashgabat as one of the largest cities in the Central Asia.
  • Asian Beach Games (2019): The similar significant sporting event that gathered athletes from the region to Turkmenistan is another event.

These events have not only depicted Turkmenistan as a sports-loving country but also increased the craze of sports betting in the country.

Famous Sports Personalities of Turkmenistan

Some of the most famous athletes of Turkmenistan have brought a lot of fame to their country on international contests. These sportsman have influenced many and have given their country a reason to be proud of them.

  • Maksat Chariyev: Gold medalist in the Freestyle Wrestling in the 2004 Summer Olympics a sport which he has excelled in.
  • Oleg Grigoryev: An Olympic gold medalist and Greco-Roman wrestler of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Gulnara Galkina-Samitova: Olympian and a gold medalist in the marathon events.

Not only these athletes have achieved a lot in their sports, but also inspired the future generations of Turkmen athletes.

Gambling Law Regulation in Neighboring Countries

Analyzing the situation with gambling in neighboring countries may help to comprehend the tendencies in the region as well as the legislation in the sphere. Here is a brief overview:


  • Gambling is haram according to the Islamic law.
  • There are no legal facilities for gambling.


  • Same as Afghanistan, the gambling is prohibited by the Islamic law.
  • Gambling of any kind is prohibited.


  • Gambling is legal and it is practiced in specific regions.
  • The country has many legal casinos and betting shops.

These regional differences can be considered as evidence of the specific situation with gambling in Turkmenistan.


Betting sites in Turkmenistan are excellent for the people who have passion in betting on their favorite events but within the set rules. To this end, it is important for the bettor to know the laws that govern the sport, review the most frequented betting sites, and acknowledge Kenya’s sporting culture.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Turkmenistan

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