Betting Sites in Palestine

Palestine is a region located in the Middle East and some part of western Asia and is further divided into two parts namely West Bank and Gaza Strip. Online betting in Palestine has become common due to the easiness having access to the sites. This article will be an overview of the selected topic of Palestine sports betting, the development of the industry, legal framework, and recommended betting sites in Palestine. Read on below if you are new to betting or an experienced bettor that wants to get a better understanding of the Palestinian betting world.

Betting Sites in Palestine

2005: Starting of the official talks on gambling legislation.

2010: The following changes will be made: Introducing the lottery licenses.

2018: Regulations on betting – changes.

2024: Palestine football team qualifies to the next stage in the Asian Cup.

2024: Rising trend of the online betting sites.

Palestinian Gambling Laws: A Brief Overview

Although gambling is believed to have started in Palestine in the early ages, it is only in the recent past that the policies and laws have started to be developed. Gambling has not been allowed for a long time in Malaysia as the country follows the Islamic law and virtually all types of betting are prohibited. But due to the modern developments and the international trends, the legal system has become more elaborate.

  • 2005: The Palestinian Authority is now working on coming up with definite laws concerning gambling.
  • 2010: The granting of permits on the conduct of lottery activities.
  • 2018: Revisions to the existing statutes in order to incorporate the operation of online betting.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

The law in Palestine outlines the kind of bets that are legal and the ones that are not legal. Though activities such as card games and sports betting are legal provided certain guidelines are adhered to, others are prohibited.

  • Permitted Bets: These include sports betting, lotteries, and casinos as well as legal gambling.
  • Prohibited Bets: Gambling without permit and internet poker, and any other type of betting that is prohibited under the Shariah law.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Palestine

The control of gambling activities in Palestine is administered by several significant bodies. Their main functions include; enforcement of fairness in business transactions, consumer protection and regulation of the industries operations.

  • Palestinian Gaming Authority (PGA): To regulate all kinds of betting within the specified area.
  • Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities: A body that has the mandate of issuing licenses for the operation of casinos as well as other gambling businesses.
  • Cyber Crime Unit: Ensures that there is control of online betting to combat against any form of criminal conduct.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Due to legal considerations, it is important for the betting sites in Palestine to acquire the licenses, fees, and taxes regulations.

  • Licenses Types: Lottery, sports book, casino games.
  • Fees: The license application fees for a license are between $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the type.
  • Taxes: The gaming revenue is liable to a 15% tax while the operators are required to pay an annual fee based on their revenue.

Best Betting Sites in Palestine

Some of the betting sites that have been established in Palestine include; These sites have different features and aspects that they offer to their clients. Here are three of the top platforms:



Overview: One of the best-known companies in the world and having its operations in Palestine.
Features: A wide choice of sports, a opportunity to place a bet during the match, high coefficients.
Bonus: New users get a 100% match bonus of up to $100.

Up To £100 Visit Site



Overview: A British online bookmaker with a simple to use website.
Features: Many events of popular sports, high coefficients.
Bonus: It is a 100% matched free bet up to $30 when you place a bet of $10 or more.

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Overview: An international operator that provides a number of sports and virtual games.
Features: Different sports markets, live casino games.
Bonus: Deposit £10 get a £10 bonus and £10 in free bets + deposit £100 get a £100 bonus and £100 in free bets.

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Palestinian Sports Milestones

Sport achievements have always been an important part of the Palestinian culture and people’s lives and remain so to this day. Here are some notable milestones:

Football Glory

  • Palestine National Football Team: Foundation year 1998, achieved a win against Guam with a score of 11-0 in the year 2006, best FIFA ranking is 73rd achieved in 2018.
  • Asian Cup 2024: First time knocking out to the round of sixteen, they were defeated by Qatar.

The Palestine Marathon

  • Established: 2013 in Bethlehem.
  • Purpose: Emphasizing on the conditions of limited freedom of movement for Palestinians, especially women.

Notable Athletes

  • Mahmoud Sarsak: Footballer who is a fighter and a very determined man when it comes to the game of football.
  • Omar Krayem: The first Palestinian basketball player in the NBA in history, Luther Shank, who symbolizes hope and hours.

Gambling Legislation in Surrounding Countries

To put the matter into the wider regional context, it will be useful to discuss the main principles of gambling legislation and regulation in three neighboring countries


  • Gambling Laws: Very restrictive laws and very little casinos that are actually legal.
  • Regulatory Body: Igaming board israeli for adults.
  • Permitted Bets: State lotteries and other sporting events betting where legal depending on the laws of the specific state.


  • Gambling Laws: Kind of legal for legal casinos and legal sports betting.
  • Regulatory Body: The body that was referred to in the study as being responsible for the regulation of the gaming industry in is Jordan is the Jordanian Gaming Commission.
  • Permitted Bets: Lottery sales for table games, casinos, operations by the state and on the sporting events.


  • Gambling Laws: Very much controlled and monitored to the extent possible.
  • Regulatory Body: The Ministry of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Permitted Bets: No large casinos, mostly for tourists, little sports betting.

Here are five significant events that have influenced the betting scene in Palestine:Here are five significant events that have influenced the betting scene in Palestine:


Palestine betting sites provide a mix of all the good and the not so good aspects of betting sites. The current situation is characterized by a rather intricate system of laws and rich sports traditions. For people wishing to try their hand at Palestine sports betting it is important to know the laws and pick reliable sites.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Palestine

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