Betting Sites in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a land-locked country situated in Central and Western Asia and is bordered by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to the North, Iran to the West and Pakistan to the South and East. Recently, betting on the internet has become very popular and as you may know, Afghanistan is not an exception. Though it is against the law, many people still find their way into sports betting. This blog post will discuss more about the betting sites in Afghanistan, Afghan sports betting, history of Afghan sports betting and the laws that govern it.

Betting Sites in Afghanistan

Gambling has been banned due to the influence of Islam.

There is no legal body in Afghanistan that regulates gambling activities.

All the forms of gambling, including the online betting are prohibited in the country.

Still, there are numerous global betting websites that accept Afghans.

Afghanistan has many famous athletes who have brought pride to the country.

History of Afghanistan and its Gambling Laws

The laws related to gambling in Afghanistan have always been very strict and have their roots in the Islamic religion. The independence of the country in 1919 signified the start of the anti gambling campaign in the country.

  • Early Prohibitions: Afghanistan laws have been against the gambling activities from early 1900s up to present.
  • Sharia Law Enforcement: Sharia law was strictly observed during the rule of Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001 and as a result gambling of any form was prohibited.
  • Post-2001 Developments: This was the case after the NATO invasion enforcing thus became less stringent especially in cities. Nevertheless, with the Taliban’s come back in 2021, restrictions became extremely strict again.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Afghanistan

Unfortunately, Afghanistan does not have any official authority that would regulate gambling activities. However, enforcement is done by general law enforcement agencies that are formed in accordance with the principles of Islamic law.

  • Absence of a Regulatory Body: Currently there is no regulatory body that oversee gambling in Afghanistan.
  • General Law Enforcement: It should be noted that the police and other local law enforcement agencies are mandated with the responsibility of arresting people involved in gambling.
  • Religious Authorities: Clergy persons have a big responsibility of ensuring that the ban on gambling is observed and this is in conformity with the Islamic religion.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

All categories of gambling, including online ones, are banned in Afghanistan and are considered a criminal offense. This entails both the traditional and the modern ways of placing the bets; that is, the physical and the virtual ones respectively.

  • Total Ban on Gambling: All forms of gambling such as sports betting, casinos, lotteries are prohibited in the country.
  • Cultural Acceptance: However, other forms of gambling such as betting on animal fights and carrom games have not been stopped and are still rampant particularly in the rural areas.
  • Online Betting: While online gambling is not banned by the Afghan laws it is well recognized that it is prohibited.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Gambling being prohibited it is impossible to get the licenses or fees for gambling operations in Afghanistan.

  • No Licensing Framework: There is no specific license that is issued to carry out gambling business in Afghanistan.
  • No Fees: These activities are not legal; therefore, there are no charges that can be made concerning gambling activities.
  • Tax Implications: Likewise, there are no certain taxes for the gambling operations or activities.

Best Betting Sites in Afghanistan

However, there are many foreign-based betting sites that are accessible to the users from Afghanistan. These apps work in a legal tension, giving the consumers a chance to engage in sports betting and casinos.


22Bet: Provides numerous sports, high competitive odds and live streaming services.

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1Xbet: Popular for sports betting such as golf and horse racing and has a good easy to navigate website.

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Betandyou: Has an extensive list of sporting events and casino games; it has many bonus options.

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Event Timeline in the History of Sports Betting

Some of the significant events in Afghanistan’s sports history have an indirect relation with the betting culture.

  • 2009: The national cricket team of Afghanistan gets the One Day International status.
  • 2013: Afghanistan emerges the SAFF Champion in football after emerging winners of the championship.
  • 2017: Finally, Afghanistan is granted the membership of the International Cricket Council.
  • 2019: Afghanistan is admitted in the Asian cup in the game of football.
  • 2021: The Taliban’s return to power affects to sports and betting industry.

Celebrating Afghan Sports Stars

These are some of the great athletes from Afghanistan who have twiced brought pride to the nation through their performances in different sports.

  • Ahmad Shah Massoud: An Afghan legendary warrior, and a national hero who was against the Soviet Union and the Taliban, and he is called the Lion of Panjshir.
  • Rohullah Nikpai: A South Korean Taekwondo Olympic champion in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she clinched a bronze medal.
  • Habiba Sarabi: First female governor in Afghanistan and a woman’s right activist.
  • Mohammad Nabi: Cricket player for the Afghanistan national cricket team and has also played in the Indian Premier League.
  • Frozan Fazly: Afghan Judoka who clinched the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics; the first Afghan woman to win an Olympic medal.

Gambling laws in neighboring countries

The gambling policies in Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries also differ due to cultural and legal systems of the respective countries.

  • Iran: Gambling is strictly banned and the rules are very rigid and based on the Islamic law.
  • Pakistan: Betting is prohibited, though some types of gambling are allowed, for example, horse racing.
  • Tajikistan: There are no legal casinos and gambling is prohibited; however, lotteries are played with some exceptions.


The business of betting sites in Afghanistan is quite diverse due to legal regulation and traditions of society. However, the spirit of betting cannot be curbed completely as people still find themselves engaging in the activity due to the love they have for sports and the excitement that comes with it. It is imperative that the person interested in placing a bet on a sporting event in Afghanistan should familiarize himself or herself with the legal system and the possible choices.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Afghanistan

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