Betting Sites in South Sudan

South Sudan is a landlocked country in East Africa. In 2011, South Sudan passed the independence referendum, and the Republic of South Sudan declared independence at 0:At 00:00 on the 9 th of July 2011, South Sudan became the 54th country in Africa. Due to the rapid development of betting platforms, the legal status of sports betting in the country needs to be understood. This blog post aims to understand the specific gambling laws of betting sites in South Sudan, as well as the history and legal regulations for sports fans.

Betting Sites in South Sudan

2011: Independence from Sudan.

2012: South Sudan has become the 211 th member of FIFA.

2017: Basketball Team emerges Champion in the East and Central Africa Championship.

2019: National football team gets a chance to participate in the Africa Cup of Nations.

2021: South Sudan has also put in place measures on the AML/CFT.

The legal framework of gambling in South Sudan can be explained by the history and political situation of the country. This paper seeks to assess the current state of the legal system of South Sudan which became an independent state in July 2011. Despite the country’s efforts to modernize its legal systems, gambling has remained illegal under section 237 of the South Sudan Penal Code (2011):

  • 2011: Independence from Sudan.
  • June 2021: Pledges made to the FATF and ESAAMLG to enhance the AML/CFT measures.

Related to it, it is forbidden to establish and/or maintain a gambling house or a lottery office without a license and it is punishable by imprisonment for a term of no more than six months, a fine, or both.

Regulator of Betting Sites in South Sudan

The lack of specialized gambling related authority in South Sudan makes the matter even more complex. However, the country has taken steps to align its AML/CFT framework with international standards:

  • AML/CFT Act (2012): A general review in order to meet the recommendations of the FATF.
  • National Risk Assessment (NRA): Final for ML/TF.
  • FIU Operationalization: Activities that have been tried in the course of setting up of a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Though the measures are more inclined towards the financial crimes, they indirectly affect the control of gambling activities.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

It is unlawful to gamble in all its forms in the country of South Sudan. This includes:

  • Physical Casinos: There are no casinos licensed and no betting shops.
  • Online Gambling: Technically, it is unlawful; however, there are international sites that permit South Sudanese players.

As a result, none of the local sites are licensed, and, therefore, many international sites are accessible for South Sudanese gamblers without breaking the law.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

In South Sudan gambling is prohibited, and that is why there are no licenses and no fees related to gambling activity. This absence of regulation extends to:

  • Casino Licenses: Not issued.
  • Online Gambling Licenses: Non-existent.
  • Taxation: The gambling activities are not specifically regulated from the tax standpoint in the country.

The Most Famous Betting Sites in South Sudan

Despite the legal restrictions, several international betting sites have gained popularity among South Sudanese bettors due to their reliability and user-friendly interfaces:



The site presents a variety of sporting events to bet on including football, basketball, tennis and others, thus giving both, the new player and the experienced one, a full package of betting services.

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The chronological achievement of South Sudan Sports

Sport has been very prominent in the lives of South Sudanese people since time in memorial. The country has celebrated several milestone events that have brought joy and unity to its people:

  • 2012: South Sudanese football affiliation was accepted by FIFA and so South Sudan became the latest member of FIFA.
  • 2017: The national basketball team has emerged the champion of East and Central African Basketball Championship.
  • 2019: The football tournament of the Africa Cup of Nations qualification.
  • 2020: Our National volleyball team triumph in the East and Central African Volleyball Championship.
  • 2021: Academic achievements with success in regional athletics with wins in championships.

South Sudanese Sports Stars

South Sudan boasts a rich history of talented athletes who have achieved international acclaim:

  • Luol Deng: Reigning MVP and two time all star of the NBA.
  • Guor Marial: Long distance runner who represented Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics held in London.
  • Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan: Won the bronze in the 400m at the 2011 All-Africa Games.

South Sudan has not only been boast of these athletes but these athletes have also motivated young and aspiring sportsmen and women in the country.

Comparison of Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Understanding the gambling laws in neighboring countries can provide additional context:

  • Ethiopia: Legal but requires a license from the state and is mainly focused on lotteries.
  • Kenya: Legal with a clear legal structure for instance taxation and licensing among others.
  • Uganda: Fully legal and with both offline and online gambling accepted in the country.


As for the current situation with gambling in South Sudan, it can be considered rather problematic owing to the legal framework. However, the Country has a well-developed sports culture and there are international betting sites for the betting enthusiasts. Gaining more insight of the legal requirements and the various choices that one can make can be quite beneficial.

FAQ: Betting Sites in South Sudan

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