Betting Sites in Gambia

Gambia is a country in western Africa on the Atlantic Ocean and became a republic on the 18th of February 1965. The government of Gambia has in the recent past work towards liberalization and or regulation of the betting activity. To the enthusiasts of sports betting, it is vital to learn the rules and regulations as well as the top online betting sites to use. Thus, this article seeks to act as a one-stop resource for business persons and organizations planning to venture into betting sites in Gambia and gain insight into the Gambian gambling market.

Betting Sites in Gambia

1965: Gambia gets its independence from Britain and acquires the British gambling laws.

2015: Gambling is prohibited in the Gambia and this is under the reign of President Yahya Jammeh.

2017: New government legalises gambling in order to increase the flow of taxes.

2012: The Scorpions are through to the African Cup of Nations.

2021: The tax rate has been reduced to 27%, which will benefit the gaming industry.

Analysis of Gambia Gambling Law Changes

The Gambian laws with regard to gambling have as of recent years undergone some radical transformations. In the beginning, the country embraced the British gambling legislations when it acquired its independence in 1965. These laws developed when the country shifted from the system of constitutional monarchy to a republican one.

In March 2015, Yahya Jammeh banned all forms of gambling noting that such vices would pollute the Gambia society with vices such as greed and avarice. Still, this ban was rather temporary. Adama Barrow, who became the first democratically elected president in 2017, de-criminalised all forms of gambling to improve the revenue through taxation and employment.

Key Dates in Gambia’s Gambling History:

  • 1965: Thus, Gambia receives the British gambling laws in 1965.
  • March 2015: The complete prohibition of gambling by the president Yahya Jammeh.
  • 2017: Re-legalization of all forms of gambling with the coming of the new president, Adama Barrow.

Gambia’s Gambling Regulatory Bodies

There are regulatory bodies that have been created in Gambia to regulate the gambling business. These agencies are there to enforce the law and encourage people to gamble in a proper manner.

Main Regulatory Agencies:

  • Gambia National Lottery Authority (GNLA) : This body has the mandate of regulating lotteries in the country to make sure that they are genuine.
  • Gambling Control Commission (GCC): This regulates all forms of gambling including casinos, sports betting and more.

Unallowed and permitted bets in Gambia

The Gambia gambling laws describe which types of wagers are legal and which are not. These are the most important regulations that every operator and bettor should know in order to avoid getting into trouble.

Permitted Bets:

  • Sports Betting: This is legal and is practiced all over the country.
  • Lotteries: These are legal and are conduct and regulated by the GNLA.
  • Casinos: Legal but mostly only available to tourists and the very rich.

Prohibited Bets:

  • Online Casinos: This is still not prohibited by the law which makes it a rather ambiguous situation.
  • Gambling by Minors: Forbidden.

Gambling License for Betting Sites in Gambia

This paper also reveals that all forms of gambling operations in Gambia are required to be licensed. This is due to the several stages that are followed in the licensing process such as the submission of a preliminary business plan and examination by the Gambling Control Commission.

Licensing Process:

  • Application Submission: Apply for a provisional application along with the fee.
  • Pre Audit: A quick analysis of the business plan and curriculums vitae of the board members by GNLA.
  • Provisional License Issuance: This is issued within six months if granted.
  • Full License Application: If the obligations are met, the full license should be applied for within six months.

Gambling Taxes in Gambia

The Gambia through its laws has placed taxes on gambling as the means of revenue collection for the government. Each of the operators and players has to pay these taxes.

Tax Rates:

  • Pool & Betting Tax: 10 percent on the gross winnings for both the offline and online gambling.
  • Corporate Income Tax: 27% (this was 31% in the year 2021).

Best Betting Sites in Gambia

Some of the recognized betting sites based in Gambia include; 1xBet, Betway, Meridianbet, 1Xciq, and Sportybet to mention but a few.

Best Betting Sites:


1xBet: which is known for its high odds, wide market selection and a large number of sports and events to bet on.

Up To £100 Visit Site


22Bet: Easy to navigate and provides the customer with many options and possibilities for betting including live betting for novices and experienced players.

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dafabet: Known for its friendly and professional support, frequent bonuses, and targeting mainly the Asia region, it is a great site for everyone.

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Timeline of the Gambia’s Sports Betting Industry

There are several crucial events that have taken place in Gambia that has defined the sports betting industry and its development.

Major events for sporting achievements:

  • 2017 Re-legalization: This was the real beginning of the gambling industry.
  • 2020 Online Betting Boom: Inclusion of more people in the use of online betting sites.
  • New Regulation of 2022 in Sports Betting: The sports betting regulations to be implemented for the betterment of the sports betting.

Celebrating Gambia’s Sports Stars

Some of the famous athletes that have been born and have represented the country of Gambia include:

Notable Athletes:

  • Badou Jack: A Boxing champion in the WBC super-middleweight category.
  • Pa Dembo Touray: Vasalunds IF footballer and Goalkeeper.
  • Bubacarr Jobe: A midfielder of the Toronto FC II football club.

The Laws on Gambling in Neighboring Countries

These are Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Mali with which Gambia has its borders. Here’s a quick overview of their gambling laws:

  • Senegal: Gambling is legal and highly controlled in Senegal and there are many casinos, sports betting, and lotteries.
  • Guinea-Bissau: Gambling is legal in Guinea Bissau but the development of the gambling industry in the country is not advanced as the neighboring countries.
  • Mali: Gambling has been legalised in Mali although there are fewer licensed operators because the regulations are not as stringent.


Gambling business has a quite long history in Gambia and has been developing for a lot of years. Going from a completely prohibited activity to being one of the most rapidly growing industries, the development of gambling in the country has been quite drastic. Of course, knowing all the tricks and having all the necessary tools, you can get the most out of the betting options.

FAQ for Betting Sites in Gambia

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