Betting Sites in Madagascar

Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean in southeast Africa. It declared independence in 1960 and changed its name to the Republic of Madagascar in 1992. The legal status of gambling in Madagascar has been changing throughout the history, and still, the island has a long tradition of gambling. Thus, sports betting, as well as other kinds of betting, has grown significantly due to the development of online platforms. Here is a detailed guide to betting sites in Madagascar, the laws around gambling in the country and the world of sports betting.

Betting Sites in Madagascar

2011: Beginning of the first online gambling service

2017: The removing of the casino gambling ban

2018: The phenomenon of the legalization of online sports betting

2020: The process of legal amendments in the sphere of gambling is started.

2023: Indian Ocean Games to be held in Madagascar

The History of Gambling Laws in Madagascar

However, the history of gambling in Madagascar is quite interesting. The history of the gambling industry in Madagascar started with the adoption of the Law number 71-011 in 1971. This law can be said to have set the platform that formed the basis of the country’s gambling sector. Over the years, several key developments have shaped the current state of gambling in Madagascar:

  • 1971: Gambling legalised with Law number 71-011.
  • 1994: Authorizing of sports betting is provided by Decree no. 763/94 and 25/02/1994 by the Society for Exploitation of Lotteries.
  • 2011: This was made possible through a deal that was made with GTECH to allow online gambling.
  • 2016 – 2017: Recommendation on the temporary ban of new casino and online casino licenses.
  • 2018: Sports betting especially on the internet became legal.
  • 2020: The government started to update the existing obsolete legislation regarding gambling activities.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Madagascar

The regulation of gambling in Madagascar is overseen by different agencies depending on the type of gambling:

  • Ministry of Interior and Decentralisation: License casino gambling and also regulates digital gambling.
  • Société d’Exploitation des Loteries: In charge of the regulation of betting licenses.

These agencies make sure that the gambling activities are carried out in a legal and proper manner hence protecting both the operators and the players.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Madagascar’s gambling laws detail what is allowed and what isn’t:


  • Sports betting
  • Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Poker – these are the games that one can typically find in a casino.
  • Online lottery
  • This paper focuses on Horse betting through the French Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU).


  • Gambling in online casinos (permits not available)
  • Unlicensed gambling activities

Gambling Licenses and Fees

Obtaining a gambling license in Madagascar involves several steps and fees:

Casino Licenses:

  • Seen and issued by the Ministry of Interior and Decentralisation.
  • The costs differ based on the category and the size of the casino.

Betting Licenses:

  • Société d’Exploitation des Loteries is the body that has issued this.
  • It is a charging structure that is nailed down at a certain price depending on some specifics.
  • Further gambling taxes exist, however, because of the rather archaic legislation the rates are relatively low.

Online Licenses:

  • Available only for the operators that have physical facilities.
  • An independent process of licensing in the online environment is not available.

Gambling Taxes

Gambling taxes in Madagascar are outlined in the General Tax Code:

  • Tarrifs depending on the type of the gambling service.
  • Corporate tax at 23%.
  • No precise online gambling tax, which means that it is virtually tax exempted.

Although taxes in Kazakhstan remain an outdated system these rates are among the lowest in the world and help operators.

Several betting sites have established themselves as favorites among Madagascar’s bettors:



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Major Moments in Madagascar’s Sports History

Madagascar has had several key moments in sports betting history:

  • 2011: The first domestic online gambling operation is started.
  • 2017: Lifting of the temporary ban on casino gambling.
  • 2018: Allowing of the activities of online sports betting.
  • 2020: The beginning of the process of the liberalizing of gambling legislation.

Madagascar Sports Stars of Glory

Madagascar has produced some remarkable athletes who have achieved global recognition:

  • Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa: Olympic gold medalist and a world record holder in athletics especially in the track and field events.
  • Jean-Claude Rakotomavo: Swimming Olympic bronze medalist.
  • Jean-Claude Randriamihaja: Judo Olympic bronze medallist.

Gambling Laws of Neighboring Countries

Other countries are not left behind in this type of business; however, Madagascar is among them. Here’s a quick summary of gambling laws in three neighboring countries:


  • It is legal but, the regulation of gambling is not strong.
  • Few licensed operators.

Ivory Coast:

  • Gambling made legal with certain conditions that must be complied with.
  • Numerous licensed casinos and betting websites.


  • Well-developed gambling industry.
  • Availability of several licensed operators and a number of rules and regulations.


The gambling industry in Madagascar is developing and rather active. From the early beginning in terms of milestones to the present day, the country’s gambling model can be characterized as both promising and problematic. Those who are interested in the best betting sites in Madagascar will be spoilt for choice with the many options available.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Madagascar

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