Betting Sites in Gabon

Gabon is a country located in western Central Africa that became the Republic of Gabon on August 17, 1960. We will discuss everything from regular brick-and-mortar casinos to the relatively new online casinos. Focus on sports betting and betting sites in Gabon, the legal aspects of betting, and the major events that the public of Gabon is most interested in. This article is designed for both the new and experienced sports betting enthusiast who wants to know more about sports betting in Gabon.

Betting Sites in Gabon

1960: After independence legalization of gambling.

2005: Adoption of the General Regulation of Gambling Games.

2012: The African Cup of Nations co-hosting.

2017: FIFA Confederations Cup Semi-final.

2020: Enormous changes in the legislation with the regulation 0012/PR/2020.

The History of Gambling Laws in Gabon

Gambling has been a long-standing activity in Gabon even since it gained independence from France in the year 1960. Here’s a quick overview of how gambling legislation has evolved over the years:

  • 1960: Britton is the first company to have been licensed to operate gambling following the legalization of gambling after the country got its independence from France. At first, there was only lotteries that were legal.
  • 2005: The Réglementation générale des Jeux de Hasard was put in place thus broadening the legal forms of gambling.
  • 2020: A comprehensive review of the gambling laws was done through the ordinance 0012/PR/2020 which provided for matters such as gambling addiction and unlawful gambling.

Permitted and prohibited bets

Gabonese law outlines specific types of bets that are permitted:

  • Permitted: Lotteries, horse race betting, casino and sports, betting
  • Prohibited: Some of the examples of the unlicensed online gambling.

This distinction prevents the creation of a chaotic betting environment while providing the betting enthusiasts with more options.

Regulator of Betting Sites in Gabon

The regulation of gambling in Gabon prevents any fraudulent activities from taking place in the gambling business. The major regulatory authority is the Commission Supérieure des Jeux de Divertissement, d’argent et de Hasard (High Commission for Games of Entertainment, Money and Chance). This agency is responsible for:

  • Issuing gambling licenses
  • Supervising the adherence to the gambling laws
  • The protection of the gambling activities.

Explaining Gambling Licenses and Fees

Getting a gambling license in Gabon is a very long and tedious process which is regulated by the Commission Supérieure des Jeux de Divertissement, d’argent et de Hasard. Here are the key points:

  • License Types: There are many licenses that are provided to different types of gambling and this includes the online gambling as well.
  • Fees: The costs of the licenses vary with the kind of gambling that the business intends to provide. For instance, the online gambling licenses are issued together with some documents and some charges.
  • Taxation: It should be noted that they are to remit 5% of the gross gambling revenue as tax and normal corporate tax of 30%.

Some of the known sites that the betting enthusiasts in Gabon can easily access are as follows. The following are popular Gabon betting sites:


1xBet: Provides a vast list of sports markets to wager on, good bonuses, and a clear layout of the site. It also has live streaming of several sports events and offers many modes of payments to the customers for their ease.

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Betmaster: It has a reputation of offering rather high odds, a wide choice of events to bet on in the live mode, and numerous bonuses. This website has a very neat and clean look to it, and it also offers a highly functional and user-friendly mobile app for betting on the go.

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888sport: Famous for the great selection of sports, bonuses and promotions, and a professional customer service team. Furthermore, it comprises of a statistics page and guidelines to follow which are quite useful in decision making.

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These platforms meet the various needs of the people of Gabon in betting hence making the betting process as smooth as possible.

The Development Timeline of Gabon Sports.

Sports play a pivotal role in Gabonese culture, and several milestone events have left an indelible mark:

  • 2012 Africa Cup of Nations: Gabon also participated in this great event where it also co- hosted proving its passion in football.
  • 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup: Gabon made it to the semi-finals a big deal in Gabon football.
  • Anthony Obame’s Olympic Success: It is a martial art that was introduced in the Olympic Games in 2000 and the athlete has won Gabon’s first Olympic medal in 2012.
  • African Championships in Athletics: Gabon has been able to scope other medals especially in the track and field events.
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Achievements: The footballer has become a celebrity, and has put the name of Gabon on the map.

Celebrating Gabon’s Sports Stars

Gabon has produced remarkable athletes who have achieved global recognition:

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Famously known for his speed and goal scoring ability, he has clinched many prizes such as the African Footballer of the Year.
  • Anthony Obame: The taekwondo player who stood out to be the first ever to bring an Olympic medal to Gabon.
  • Boris Diaw: He has been a valuable player in basketball having won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs.

These sports stars are role models to the young and upcoming sportsmen and women in Gabon.

Neighboring Countries’ Gambling Laws

To understand Gabon’s gambling landscape better, it’s helpful to compare it with neighboring countries:

  • Congo: It is legal and the activity is controlled by the Ministry of Finance through the issuing of licenses.
  • Cameroon: The regulation of gambling is done by the National Gaming Control Board and it covers both the physical and the online forms of gambling.
  • Equatorial Guinea: Gambling is permitted with permits for all types of gambling, for instance, online gambling.


The Gabon has a complex and constantly developing legal framework for the betting industry, stably developing regulatory authorities, and a big admirers of sports. Regardless of whether you prefer sports betting, playing in a casino, or participating in the lottery, Gabon has something to offer to its bettors. With the laws, regulations and platforms in place, one can make the right choices and have a pleasant time betting.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Gabon

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