Betting Sites in Benin

Benin Republic is a West African country with its southern border touching the Gulf of Guinea, the eastern border is with Nigeria, the northern is with Niger, Since the year 2000, Benin has also emerged as a very popular country for sports betting and online gambling. knowing the laws in the legal framework as well as the recommended betting sites in Benin will help you enjoy your time and also stay safe. In this blog post, we will look at the history of gambling laws in Benin, the legal situation, and which betting sites you should look at.

Betting Sites in Benin

1967: Lottery and sports betting is allowed again.

2002: Gambling law is introduced.

2018: Virtual currency prohibited in gambling.

2019: Benin has the right to be in the Africa Cup of Nations.

2023: New system of digital monitoring unveiled by government.

Analysing of Sports Betting Sites in Benin

Benin is one of the countries that has taken a rather keen interest in sports betting within the past few years. This has been occasioned by the rising number of betting sites that have come up to provide options for the bettors. Ranging from football to basketball, the Benin sports betting is quite diverse and offers a lot of fun for the sports fans.

History of Gambling Regulation in Benin

This paper aims to analyze the current state of gambling laws in Benin, and for this purpose, the history of such laws is described. Here are some key milestones:

  • 1836: The Prohibition des Loteries which was formulated in 1892 outlawed gambling in the territory that is present day Benin.
  • 1960: Benin became an independent nation after has colonizer the French.
  • 1967: Lottery and sports betting were allowed again in the country with the formation of Loterie Nationale du Bénin which is the state owned lottery.
  • 2002: The Law no 2016-04 of 20 June 2016 on the regulation of gambling, betting and lotteries in the Republic of Benin legalised gambling, including online gambling.
  • 2018: The Central Bank of West African States declared virtual currencies non-admitted in the BCEAO zone, therefore bitcoin gambling became virtually prohibited.

Regulation Agencies for Gambling in Benin

Several agencies regulate gambling in Benin:

  • Ministry of Economy and Finance: In charge of the licensing of gambling facilities and online casinos.
  • Central Bank of West African States: Coordinates for the financial transactions and the prohibitions concerning the virtual currencies.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Benin’s gambling laws outline specific permitted and prohibited bets:

Permitted Bets:

  • Casino games and other games of chance such as those played on gaming machines and tables.
  • Poker
  • Sports betting
  • Lottery

Prohibited Bets:

  • Cryptocurrency betting (because BCEAO banned it).
  • Unlicensed gambling activities

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The following are the legal requirements for operating in the gambling sector in Benin; A gambling license from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This process helps in the enforcement of the set regulations and anti-trust laws.

License Types:

  • Casino licenses
  • Sports betting licenses
  • Lottery licenses

Certain fees are not outlined in the public domain; however, the operators have to meet certain standards and incur some costs for the license renewal.

Gambling Taxes in Benin

The topic of taxation of gambling activities is still poorly disclosed and not well understood in the public domain. However, the winnings made by players in gambling are not taxed and this stimulates the players to participate.

Leading Betting Sites in Benin

Many standard online betting sites are available for Benin’s residents. Here are the top three:Here are the top three:



User-friendly interface
Fascinating offers such as welcome bonuses, cashback offers, and other similar offers
The customer support service is efficient and always available throughout the day and night.

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Many types of sports and games
Easy to use interface and the availability of a mobile application
These two factors include the competitive odds and quality services that are offered to the clients.

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Many sports and activities
It has many payment options and ways of transacting including the use of cryptocurrencies.
Quick and efficient withdrawals

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Milestones in the evolution of sports betting

Benin has achieved several milestones in sports betting, reflecting its growing industry:

  • 1967: Creation of the state owned Loterie Nationale du Benin.
  • 2002: Legalising of online gambling.
  • 2018: Virtual currencies in gambling prohibited.
  • 2023: New measures to improve the supervision of gambling activities: new digital control system.

Celebrating Benin’s Sports Stars

Benin has produced remarkable athletes who have excelled in various sports:

  • Razak Omotoyosi – Football player and the most goal scoring player in Benin Premier League.
  • Hugues Fabrice Zango – Sportsperson in the categories of sprint and long jump, African Champion.
  • Romain Sato – a basketball player, who became the member of the San Antonio Spurs and the Charlotte Bobcats NBA teams.

These athletes have been a pride to the nation and have positively influenced many young people who want to become athletes.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Understanding the gambling regulations in neighboring countries provides a broader perspective:


  • Gambling is legal with a blend of both the prohibited and the permitted activities.
  • The control of lotteries is the responsibility of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.


  • Gambling is permitted and the Ministry of Finance controls and manages it with certain rules and regulations.
  • The official body that runs lottery in the nation is the state-owned Loterie Nationale Togolaise.

Burkina Faso:

  • Gambling is allowed and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • The state control authority for lottery is the Loterie Nationale Burkinabé.


The industry of betting sites in Benin is relatively young; however, it is constantly developing and growing. The history, rules, and other aspects, as well as the list of the most popular betting sites, will help you to recognize the possibilities that are available and will not violate the law. Sports betting in Benin is quite popular and to maximize on the opportunities available it is vital to be well informed.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Benin

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