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Togo is a country located in Western part of Africa, sharing borders with its neighbours; Benin in the east, Burkina Faso in the north and Ghana in the west. Togo it gained independence on the 27 of April, 1960. Togo, West African country of the moment: where people like to bet. Everyone interested in betting sites and Togo sports betting will find all the information they need in this article. This guide contains information on the legal framework of gambling in Togo, the authorities, which oversee the activity, the best betting sites in Togo, and more.

Betting Sites in Togo

1966: First law on gambling is passed.

1989: LONATO is granted the status of the primary regulatory body.

2006: Private companies permitted to get the license.

2006: Togo’s national football team has made it to the world cup.

2008: Benjamin Boukpeti gives Togo its first Olympic medal.

Understanding Togo’s Gambling Landscape

It is unbelievable but gambling in Togo is so diverse that there are so many options for those who would like to try their luck. However, to appreciate the details of betting sites and the different sports events, it is pertinent to know the legal framework governing gambling in the country.

Overview of the Laws on Gambling in Togo

Gambling has been in existence in Togo since the early 1960s, soon after the country got independence from France.

  • 1960: Togo gets its independence from France.
  • 1966: The first decree that legalized gambling with decree No 66-81 began the operations of Loterie Nationale Togolaise (LONATO).
  • 1989: LONATO assumed the role of the principal gambling licensing and regulating body through ordinance N°80-29 of 1989.
  • 2006: The Interministerial decree No. 004/MEFP/MATD/MS/MDPRDAC/CAB permits the private companies to apply for gambling licenses in the country to welcome African gambling company Lydia Ludic.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Togo

The gambling business in Togo is governed by certain authorities to ensure that all the operations are as per the set standards.

  • Loterie Nationale Togolaise (LONATO): LONATO was formed in 1966 and it is the national lottery and the principal regulatory body that has the responsibility of licensing and regulating gambling.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

It is quite important to identify the types of bets that are prohibited and allowed on gambling platforms in Togo.

  • Permitted Bets: Lottery, sport book, casino games and video poker.
  • Prohibited Bets: Besides, the majority of gambling activities are legal in the country; however, online sportsbooks and web-based casinos are not licensed in the country.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

The process of getting a gambling license in Togo is not an easy one and has set some measures and costs that one has to meet.

  • License Types: Permit for lotteries, sports betting and casinos.
  • Fees: The charges that one has to pay differs from one gambling activity to another. The specific numbers are stipulated in the Interministerial decree of 2006 (No. 004/MEFP/MATD/MS/MDPRDAC/CAB).

Gambling Taxes

Togos gambling industry is regulated and has the effect of taxation on operators and players.

  • Operator Tax: A 10 percent tax on all forms of gambling and in all regions of the country is also a standard.
  • Corporate Tax: Another corporate tax of 27% on standard rate is imposed on gambling companies.

Best Betting Sites in Togo

There are several betting sites that target Togo’s betting lovers and provide a number of sports and markets.


22Bet Togo: Famous for the high odds especially on soccer, basketball and horse racing.

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Betandyou Togo: Good odds especially for the major sporting leagues such as the English Premier League and La Liga.

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Melbet Togo: Great market choice, including both offers before the match and in the course of the match.

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History of Togo Sports and Their Milestone Events

It should be noted that Togo is very fond of sports as evidenced by its presence in international competitions and accomplishments of its representatives.

  • 2006 FIFA World Cup: Togo also got to the World Cup for the first time.
  • 2017 African Nations Cup: Togo beat other countries and emerged the champion of the African Nations Cup.
  • 2008 Summer Olympics: Benjamin Boukpeti is the first Togo Olympic medalist in kayaking.
  • 2019 African Games: Sprinter Benjamin Azamati got a bronze medal in the 200m race.
  • 2016 Olympics: Komi Sika who is a Judoka got a bronze medal.

Celebrating Togo Sports Stars

Togo as a country has and continues to foster some excellent athletes who have placed the country on the map.

  • Emmanuel Adebayor: The famous footballer of the country who has played for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester City.
  • Zafrou Balloqou: A great fighter of the past two decades in the super middleweight category.
  • Gérard Loglo: He was a tennis player for the Togo national tennis team in the Davis cup in 1999.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Togo is located near the countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, and Ghana and all these countries have their separate laws on gambling.

  • Benin: National Lottery Regulatory Authority is the body that has the responsibility of regulating gambling. Gambling is allowed in the form of casinos, sports betting, and lottery.
  • Burkina Faso: The Ministry of Finance is the body in charge of the regulation of gambling. The only emerging form of gambling permitted is lottery and sports betting.
  • Ghana: Regulation of gambling activities is done by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. Gambling, including in casinos, sports betting, and lotteries is allowed.


The betting industry in Togo is fascinating due to the combination of the classical and the contemporary, with a lot of potential for the future. Ranging from the legal perspective of gambling to the review of the best betting sites and the accomplishments of the sports teams, Togo’s gambling industry is active and lucrative. Whether you are a regular customer or a beginner, everyone will find something they like.

FAQ for Betting Sites in Togo

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