Betting Sites in Tonga

Tonga is located in the western part of the South Pacific and lies to the west of the International Date Line and touches Fiji to the west. Tonga is a sovereign state located in the south part of Oceania having received the status of independence on June 4, 1970, so it occupies a special place in the sphere of sports betting. In this blog post we will discover more about the legal concerning gambling in Tonga, the best betting sites in Tonga, as well as the information about the online sports betting and sports betting platforms in Tonga.

Betting Sites in Tonga

1924: Coming into force of the Criminal Offences Act.

2016: Criminal Offences Act in the following manner.

2017: An application for the first casino license from Tavake Tamafua Ltd.

1995: Tongas first experience at the Rugby World Cup.

1996: Paea Wolfgramm gets an Olympic medal.

Basic Background Of Gambling Laws In Tonga

The Tonga gambling regulation has come a long way to what it is today that is still evolving. The first laws that could be associated with gambling were written down in the Criminal Offences Act of 1924. This act was one which banned gaming houses and games of chance; violators could be fined or thrown into jail for a maximum of three months. The last revision of this act was made in 2016, and thus, the government’s stance on gambling remained rather tough.

The Significant Events of Gambling Lawmaking

  • 1924: The Criminal Offences Act is first published providing a legal understanding of gaming houses and games of chance.
  • 2016: The act is last amended and continues to forthright ban gambling.
  • 1999: The act is amended with section 83A authorising games under certain legislation to be licensed.

Regulatory Agencies of Betting Sites in Tonga

Gambling activities are regulated in Tonga by Gaming and Lotteries Board. This body is charge with

  • Processing of applications for the gaming licenses.
  • This is to ensure that all the laws that exist are adhered with in the given society.
  • Ensuring proper and ethical conduct of the gaming activities.

The Board has the monopoly power of issuing licenses but the regulatory framework is anchored under the Criminal Offences Act which creates a rather hostile environment for investors in the casino business.

The types of bets allowed and not allowed in Tonga

The Tongan gambling laws mainly deal with the issues connected to the unauthorized gambling. From the Criminal Offences Act;

  • Prohibited Bets: Gambling which is the playing of any game of chance for money or any other stakes is also forbidden. This comprises of the normal casino games such as the roulette and the slot machines.
  • Permitted Bets: However, the act has a provision to this effect under section 83A of the act in regard to licensed games. Nevertheless, the process of receiving it is rather complicated and hard to comprehend.

More recently, in 2017, a local company Tavake Tamafua Ltd submitted an application for the first casino license in Tonga, which was followed by government and public controversy regarding the necessity of such business in the country.

Permission to Run a Betting Site in Tonga

In Tonga anyone wishing to run a gaming business has to make an application to the Gaming and Lotteries Board. The process involves

  • Detailed application submission.
  • A proper analysis by the Board.
  • Adherence to all the set criteria that defines a patient as eligible for the treatment.
  • Payment of applicable fees.

This is because Tonga has very strict laws that regulate the operations of the operators and as such, there are few of them.

List of Best Sports Betting Sites in Tonga

The legal situation for online betting is rather complicated, but several overseas-based bookmakers have found their way to the Tongan market. The following are the three best:



It is famous for offering various deals such as free bets and/or higher odds on the different events.
Crisp design of the website to enable easier navigation through the site.
New customers only, 100% up to £100 bonus, +15% on free bets.

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A wide variety of betting options available; football and rugby among others.
Offers live streaming services.
The new customers get to enjoy up to £1000 bonus plus £10 in free bets.

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An old bookmaker that has been in the market for more than ten years.
The mobile application is accessible for both android and iOS users for enhance usage.
New customers only. Get a welcome bonus up to £150 + get free bets when you recharge your account with £150.

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The Development History of Tonga Sports

Sport is also very much alive in Tonga particularly rugby. Key events include

  • 1987: The history of Tonga in Rugby World Cup.
  • 2003, 2008, 2013: However, there has been victories in the Pacific Nations Cup.
  • 1996: A case in point, that the country has done well, is in the person of Paea Wolfgramm winning a bronze medal in boxing at the Atlanta Olympics.
  • 2016: The case of Pita Taufatofua in the Rio Olympics where he represented his country in Taekwondo.
  • 2018: The funny and unusual incident of Pita Taufatofua’s cross-country skiing at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Celebrating Tongan Sports Stars

Tonga is not an exception in this regard and has been able to nurture quite a number of athletes of immense talent and accomplishments.

  • ‘Aminiasi Tuimavave: Held Tonga’s flag during the Rugby World Cup that took place in the year 1995.
  • Siale Piutau: The current captain of the ‘Ikale Tahi rugby team is.
  • Paea Wolfgramm: The following is an accomplished person in the sports field particularly boxing;
  • Pita Taufatofua: Has performed in the Summer and the Winter Olympic Games.
  • Sione Kalamafoni: English premiership and Pro14 professional Rugby player.

Laws on Gambling in Neighboring Countries

In order to give a brief idea, below are the briefs of gambling laws in three countries neighboring to the Tonga:


  • Strict regulations against gambling.
  • Few legal ways through which casinos and betting can be done.


  • Laws are somewhat more tolerant compared to Tonga.
  • Licenced gambling activities and websites for gambling.

New Zealand:

  • Highly regulated gambling industry.
  • Legal casino and betting sites that are also available online.


Consequently, Tonga’s attitude to gambling is specific and depends on the country’s traditions and ideals. The rules are still quite rigorous; however, more and more people are interested in sports betting and international betting sites. Legal knowledge and the possibilities are useful for enthusiasts to make sound choices.

FAQ for Betting Sites in Tonga

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