Betting Sites in New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the south west part of the Pacific Ocean, opposite side of the Tasman Sea from Australia. The country comprises of the North Island, the South Island, Stewart Island as well as other minor islands. New Zealand gained its sovereignty in 1947. Knowing what betting sites are and the rules that govern them is something that every bettor should know. In this blog post, learn everything about online sports betting platforms in New Zealand, including the legalities and the most recommended betting sites in New Zealand.

Betting Sites in New Zealand

1920: First laws on gambling are enacted in New Zealand.

2003: The Gambling act comes into force

2010: Laws regulating online gambling are introduced

2020: Changes to the provisions of remote interactive gambling.

2024: Offshore gambling tax brought in

History of Gambling Laws in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand has its roots from the early 1900’s. Over the years, the country has passed through different legislations that sought to address issues concerning gambling. Below are the major events that have been marked in the history of Nevada:

  • 1920: The provisions of first gambling laws were issued.
  • 1977: The Gaming and Lotteries Act was passed which created the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board.
  • 2003: The Gambling Act of 2003 was passed into the law putting into place legal frameworks for all forms of gambling.
  • 2024: The offshore gambling duty was brought into the Gaming Duties Act through amendments made to the act.

Regulatory Betting Sites in New Zealand

The authority of New Zealand has several bodies that regulate gambling activities in the country.

  • Gambling Commission: It was set up in accordance to the Gambling Act of 2003 and is in charge of dealing with casino licenses as well as appeals concerning gaming machines and other forms of gambling that are not linked to casinos.
  • Department of Internal Affairs (DIA): Responsible for gambling related matters and coming up with policies and measures on the same.
  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board: Disburses money from the pool of revenues generated from sale of lotteries for the benefit of the community.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets in New Zealand

Gambling is also prohibited in New Zealand except for those provided for by the Gambling Act 2003. Below is a brief guideline of what is acceptable and what is disallowed

Permitted Bets:

  • 1. Class 1 Gambling: Awards of up to 500$. No license required.
  • 2. Class 2 Gambling: Awards of $500 – $5000. Conducted by societies.
  • 3. Class 3 Gambling: That is for prizes that are worth more than $5,000. License required.
  • 4. Class 4 Gambling: Also, encompasses gaming machines. License required.

Prohibited Bets:

  • Remote Interactive Gambling: Business through communication devices such as computers and phones is not allowed.
  • Advertising Overseas Gambling: It is against the law to advertise for gambling companies situated in other countries.

Gambling Licenses and Fees in New Zealand

While some forms of gambling do not need permits and licenses to operate, there are those that need them. Here’s a breakdown

  • Class 3 and 4 gambling licenses: as other domains of interest.
  • Application Fee: Depends with the type of gambling whether it is online gambling or any other type of gambling.
  • Annual Fee: It also differs with the turnover and other factors as indicated.

Offshore Gambling Duty:

  • From 1st of July, 2024, a 12 % duty on gross betting revenue along with GST will be charged.

The Taxation of Gambling in New Zealand

  • The taxation laws in New Zealand concerning gambling operators are quite strict. From the First of July 2024, the offshore gambling duty will come into effect, which means that a 12% tax will be applied to the GGR for offshore online casinos targeting the New Zealand audience along with the existing GST.

Best Betting Sites in New Zealand

In so far as the choosing of the betting site is concerned, it’s always better and safer to choose the best and genuine site. Below are some of the recommended sites



Welcome Bonus: It is up to NZD 100.
Sports Markets: Sports such as football, cricket, tennis, and so on.
Casino Games: Games and stakes of a Casino: Slots and table games.

Up To £120 + £30 Free Bets Visit Site



Welcome Bonus: The credit limit ranges from NZ$ 50 to NZ$ 100.
Sports Markets: Grotesque global presence, and this includes horse racing.

Up To £130 + £5 Free Bets Visit Site



Welcome Bonus: This ranges from as low as NZD 5, to as high as NZD 100.
Features: Easy to use interface and a large number of sports events.

Up To £100 Visit Site

Major Occurrences in New Zealand Sports

Sporting culture is also one of the most developed in New Zealand. Here are some of the historical events:

  • 1987: The New Zealand rugby team called All Blacks win their first world cup in rugby.
  • 1995: Sir Peter Blake gets America’s Cup.
  • 2000: Valerie Adams takes the first Olympic gold in shot put.
  • 2015: The Black Caps get to the Cricket World Cup championship.
  • 2020: NZ’s Commonwealth Bank being the primary supporter of the team sponsoring the Silver Ferns.

Saluting New Zealand’s Sporting Icons

New Zealand has gifted the world some of the best sportsmen and women who are acclaimed for their triumphs.

  • Richie McCaw: Most number of appearances that an international rugby player can make. Hag genre of the two rugby playing teams that are Rugby World Cup winners.
  • Valerie Adams: This is because the above subject is a four-time world champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist in the shot put event.
  • Stephen Fleming: A great cricket leader and the player with most matches to his credit for New Zealand cricket.
  • Sir Peter Snell: A three times Olympic gold medalist in athletics.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary: It is important to also note that it contains information such as: Name of the first person to climb Mount Everest.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

The following is a summary of gambling laws in three countries that are neighbors to each other:

  • Australia: While gambling is unlawful at the federal level, it permits to be part of some states’ legal spaces. Australian citizens are prohibited from availing specific residential services of online gambling through the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.
  • Fiji: The Gambling Control Act of the year 2007 provides the legal framework on the conduct of gambling business. Gambling has for the most part been outlawed.
  • Papua New Guinea: The control of gambling is done by the Gaming Control Board. All forms of gambling are regulated through the Gaming Control Act of the year 2007.


New Zealand has legalised sports betting and gambling and it is recommended that people who engage in the activity know the rules. Having reliable betting sites and a long history of accomplishments in sports, New Zealand is an excellent place for the sports enthusiasts and bettors.

FAQ of Betting Sites in New Zealand

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