Betting Sites in Nauru

Nauru is an island nation situated in the central Pacific Ocean. It is defined as a free standing coral reef island and the surrounding ocean. Nauru gained its independence on the 31st of January in the year 1968. Given the current growth of the online gambling industry, this requires the top online betting platforms or the best betting sites in Nauru. This blog post we will reveal all the information you need about sports betting in Nauru to help you understand the rules and the main oversight bodies.

Betting Sites in Nauru

1970: Street Betting Act

2002: A gold medal at the Arafura Games.

2011: Comprehensive Gaming Act

2014: I have won gold medal at commonwealth games.

2020: High engagement rates of the online sports betting

History of Gambling Laws in Nauru

The following is a brief history of gambling in Nauru. The history of regulated gambling activities can be dated back to the year 1970 when the Street Betting Act came into force. The Sporting Pools Act came in the following year in 1968 to allow for more formalized betting. Moving to the year 2008, the Bingo Licensing Act was passed, which added more forms of legal gambling into the list. The most crucial shift, however, was made in 2011 when the country was introduced to the Gaming Act, which is the regulating law that covers all forms of gambling in the country.

Key Historical Events

  • 1970: Coming into force of the Street Betting Act.
  • 1968: Sporting Pools Act.
  • 2008: Entering into force of the Bingo Licensing Act.
  • 2011: New ordinances such as the Comprehensive Gaming Act are put into place.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Nauru

The regulation of gambling activities in Nauru is done by particular institutions. Such agencies act to the effect of ensuring that all forms of gambling adhere to the set down laws in order to protect the bettors.

Major Regulatory Bodies

  • Nauru Gaming Regulatory Authority: This body regulates all forms of gambling, it also regulates the granting of licenses and any violations of the gambling laws.
  • Nauru Lottery Commission: Licensing and supervision of the affairs relating to lottery to prevent cases of fraud and cheating the public.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Thus, the types of gambling that are restricted in Nauru include some of the following. While there are a lot of forms of betting permitted in the country, there are ways in which unlawful gambling is discouraged.

  • Permitted Bets
  • Bingo
  • Sports betting
  • Games with slot (fruit) machines, video poker machines
  • Table games
  • Lottery
  • Prohibited Bets
  • Gambling not covered by the Gaming Act of 2011 is prohibited.

Gambling Licenses and Fees

To get a gambling license in Nauru one must go through a definite procedure and pay for the license. These fees are very important in order to sustain the legal structure of the sport and the competition.

Licensing Types and Fees

  • Bingo License: The fee depends on the size of the business of the lawyer.
  • Sports Betting License: Usually higher because of the vast scope of sports betting.
  • Gaming Machines License: The fee which has to be paid is computed depending on the number of machines.
  • Table Games License: Expensive because table games are more complicated as compared to the other games offered in the casino.
  • Lottery License: The fees vary depending on the amount and complexity of the lottery.

Taxes on Gambling

The Nauru gambling operators are also required to pay several taxes which form part of the country’s income. These are the taxes that are meant to sustain the gambling industry as one of the income generating sources while at the same time encouraging responsible gambling.

Tax Breakdown

  • Corporate Tax: To all gambling operators.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): As for the sale of gambling services.
  • Excise Duty: Only to certain types of gambling activities.

Best Online Betting Sites in Nauru

Selecting the best betting site is not an easy task as there are so many of them in the market. Here are the three best Nauru betting sites as determined by the users, customer support, and variety of betting opportunities available.

1. BetandYou Sports


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Features: A lot of attention is paid to sports, live betting is available.

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2. 1xBet


Welcome Bonus: A person will be required to pay up to $122.
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3. Dafabet


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Stages of Development of Sports Betting

There are several important events that have taken place in the sports betting history of Nauru. These events have defined the current configuration of gambling in the country.

Key Milestones

  • 2002: Nauru national football team emerges as the champion in the Arafura Games and gets a gold medal.
  • 2009: The coming up of new online sports betting platforms.
  • 2011: New Comprehensive Gaming Act is adopted.
  • 2015: First international online casino is available for Nauru players.
  • 2020: A record of Nauroans engage in online betting on sports.

Sports Stars and Glory

There are many sports personalities who have made Nauru proud and famous in the international sports arena. These athletes not only have done very well in their sports but have also encouraged other people to engage in betting on sports.

Notable Sports Figures

  • Marcus Stephen: He is a weightlifter and also a former president of Nauru, he won a gold medal in Commonwealth games in the year 2002.
  • Eamoni Loeak: South Pacific Games in 2003, Men’s 100m sprint he won the Bronze medal.
  • David Katoatau: A gold medallist in weightlifting at the 2014 commonwealth games.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Learning about the legal frameworks governing gambling in the neighboring nations is helpful in assessing Nauru’s legislation. Below are the general guidelines of gambling in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji as a reference:


  • Regulatory Body: There are Australian Communications and Media Authority.
  • Legal Status: The two are legal but they are controlled in a way to a certain level both in the online as well as the physical casinos.
  • Key Legislation: Thus, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed in the year 2001.

New Zealand

  • Regulatory Body: Ministry of Internal Affairs and other similar offices.
  • Legal Status: Online gambling is only allowed in New Zealand based companies; foreign companies are not allowed.
  • Key Legislation: The Gambling Act of the year 2003


  • Regulatory Body: Fiji Revenue and Customs Service is the other organization that is involved in the country’s commerce.
  • Legal Status: Gambling is allowed but it is controlled.
  • Key Legislation: This is provided for under the Gaming Act of 2009.


There are betting sites in Nauru that give the best experience to the bettors around the globe. This paper presents Nauru’s legal framework for gambling, the available betting choices, and sports-crazed populace as factors that make Nauru an attractive market for sports betting. It is quite important to know what rules govern the activity and which website to use for betting to maximize the profits.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Nauru

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