Betting Sites in Serbia

Serbia is a land locked country in south eastern part of Europe and is at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula. It shares its border with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Albania. Serbia is a country with a long history of gambling, paired with technological progress. This article will help you to understand the current situation with betting sites in Serbia, legal issues related to it, the best sports betting platform, and sports history of the country.

Betting Sites in Serbia

1964: First laws on gambling put in place

2006: Legalization of gambling.

2011: Existing online gaming policy was reviewed.

2020: Advertising and Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

2020: Higher taxes on the online sports betting and lotteries

The history of gambling in Serbia is a rather extensive and multifaceted process that has developed over the course of several decades. Today, over the years, the laws that govern gambling in the country have come a long way from the initial enactment in the year 1964. The following are the major steps that have been laid down:

  • 1964: First legal systems of gambling appear.
  • 2006: Legalization of gambling.
  • 2011: Reform of the rules of online gambling.
  • 2020: Including changes up to advertising and anti-money laundering policies.

All these laws are meant to govern all forms of gambling whether they are conducted on the internet or are traditional land based gambling.

Responsible for Betting Sites in Serbia

Several entities regulate Serbia’s gambling business to bring about compliance and fairness within the industry.

  • Games of Chance Administration (GCA): Supervises the casino and the national lottery.
  • Ministry of Finance’s Tax Department: Supervises the financial activities and makes sure that taxes are paid on time or before the due date.
  • Ministry of Defense: This paper looks at the gaming equipment and software.

These bodies together form a sound structure for the regulation of gambling in Serbia.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets

Anyone interested in betting in Serbia must be in a position to distinguish between the legal and the prohibited when it comes to placing a bet.

  • Prohibited Bets: Betting in sports events involving under aged individuals, political events, and any other events offered by unlicensed platforms.
  • Permitted Bets: Betting on sports, playing on casinos, poker, and lotteries from the licensed companies.

Observance of these rules guarantees the prevention of unlawful activities in gambling.

Gambling Licenses and Fees in Serbia

To get a gambling license in Serbia one has to fulfill certain conditions that are quite demanding to fulfil.

  • Licenses: The license is general and can be issued for a casino, poker, sports betting and is valid for 10 years.
  • Fees: Charges differ for each activity; for example, online casinos are charged €2,500 per month and a 15% tax on the total earnings; however, the total amount charged cannot be less than €7,500 per month.
  • Eligibility: The program is open for Serbian companies with the registered capital of at least €250. 000.

This structure means that only the serious and financially capable business can trade in the market.

Best Betting Sites in Serbia

Selecting the best option is crucial in this case. Below are the top three betting sites in Serbia;


1xBet: It offers an international sports selection and accepts payments with cryptocurrencies among other methods.

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Mr. play: It is also known to have a wholesale sports directory and a simple interface.

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MrGreen: Has great promotions and has a very easy to use navigation system.

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The following are benefits of these platforms; reliability, options, and customer support.

Sports Milestones in Serbia

Serbia has a good record in sports that makes the sport betting even more thrilling.

  • 2005: Welcomed Euro Basket which is a very important event in the history of basketball.
  • 2014: Venue for the European Rowing Championships to demonstrate their skills in water sports.
  • 2013-2014: Have held several international championships in handball and chess and other games.

These milestones not only show how much Serbia is into sports but also add value to the betting services.

Celebrating Serbian Sports Stars

Many famous sport personalities are associated with Serbia;

  • Novak Djokovic: Famous tennis player with numerous grand slam championship wins to his / her name.
  • Ana Ivanovic: Ex-world no. 1 in women tennis.
  • Vlade Divac: Professional basketball player and an Olympic medalist in basketball.
  • Dejan Savic: A famous water polo player with many achievements in his career to his name.

Their success is a motivation to many people, both the followers and the gamblers.

Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Knowing the gambling laws in the neighboring countries can offer some background information as well.

  • Croatia: Online gambling was legalized in 2010, but with very tight restrictions concerning the online casinos.
  • Hungary: Gambling is allowed and controlled; the concentration is put on curbing on accessibility to the sites.
  • Romania: New gambling laws and regulations of online gambling that were passed in the year 2015.

These countries can therefore be said to present a view of the different approaches that can be made towards the regulation of gambling in the region.


Serbian betting sites are a great experience due to the developed sports culture in the country and changing laws. Thus, knowing the legal background and leading platforms is beneficial for anyone, a resident or a guest.

FAQ: Betting Sites in Serbia

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