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Georgia is in the central and western South Caucasus sharing borders with Russia in the north, Azerbaijan in the southeast. It gained its independence on the 9th of April, 1991. New constitution that was adopted on August 24, 1995 named the country Georgia. In the current world where the internet gambling is on the rise, more information about Georgia gambling laws and the top gambling sites is essential. The following is a detailed analysis of Georgia sports betting, legalised gambling, governing bodies, and recommended betting sites in Georgia.

Betting sites in Georgia

2005: New laws on gambling are established.

2010: Increase in the use of the internet on betting platforms.

2022: Gambling restrictions implemented.

2023: Increased taxes announced.

2024: The separate permits for online gaming were issued.

A History of Georgia’s Gambling Laws

The history of gambling in Georgia is not that simple and is characterized by many changes and prohibitions. The first laws concerning gambling were adopted in 2005 as the “Organizing Lotteries, Gambling, and Profit-Generating Games” and the “Issuing Licenses and Permits” acts. These laws formed the essential legal basis for the modern legislation regarding gambling and its developments with the addition of online gambling and other more stringent measures.

Major Events in the Development of Georgian Gambling Laws

  • March 2005: Enactment of the “Organizing Lotteries, Gambling, and Profit-Generating Games” act.
  • June 2005: Approval of the “Issuing Licenses and Permits” act.
  • January 2021: New tax laws have risen the taxes on gambling by 70 percent.
  • April 2022: Exclusion of one million and over from gambling activities.
  • January 2024: The separate permits for online gaming have been issued.

Regulatory of Betting Sites in Georgia

The regulation of the gambling business in Georgia is carried out by the Revenue Service, which is a part of the Ministry of Finance. This agency is involved in the licensing of firms, formulation of tax laws and regulation of the industry. Their objective is to ensure that the gambling process is not only equally accessible to all the consumers but also safe for them.

The revenue services are as follows:

  • Issuing gambling licenses
  • This paper is therefore to discuss the development and implementation of tax policies
  • Protecting consumer rights
  • Preventing problem gambling

Legal and Forbidden Wagers in Georgia

Some of the forms of betting are restricted in Georgia to avoid any form of cheating or to protect the consumers. But there are many allowed bets that you can make.

  • Prohibited Bets:
  • Betting on youth sports
  • Gambling by clients of the state welfare program
  • Betting by government employees
  • Permitted Bets:
  • Sports betting
  • Casino games
  • Lotteries

Gambling Licenses and Fees

To get a gambling license in Georgia one must go through a rather complicated procedure. The fees differ with the sort of gambling activity that is being offered.

Types of Gambling Licenses

  • Online Casino License: The first one is GEL 1 million annual fee
  • Sports Betting License: Gel 1 million annual fee.
  • Land-Based Casino License: The annual fee for GEL 5 million.

Tax Rates

  • General Gambling Tax: Thus, a share of 10% of total gambling revenue is aimed to be directed to the sphere of online gambling.
  • Online Gambling Tax (from 2024): From 10% it has been raised to 15%.

Brief Guide to Betting Sites in Georgia


1XBet is one of the biggest bookmaker companies in Georgia where the consumers can find a vast selection of sporting events to bet on. They have good customer support and rather decent odds, which is why it is popular among the locals.

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22Bet has been voted as one of the best betting sites as it has simple and easy to use interface with live streaming services. It provides decent odds and a vast number of sporting events, which is why it will suit the fans of sports.

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Betandyou has interesting features such as cash-out possibilities on both the website and the application for mobile devices. Due to the simplicity of the website and a vast list of the sporting events to bet on, this company can be considered as a perfect option for bettors.

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Main Events in the Development of Sports Betting

Georgia has had several significant events that have shaped its sports betting landscape:

  • 2005: The coming up of proper and complete gambling laws.
  • 2010: The current trends in the development of online betting platforms.
  • 2022: This paper will discuss on the measures put in place to regulate gambling among vulnerable groups of people.
  • 2023: New taxes and new online gambling permit now available.
  • 2024: New measures that have been proposed include; Separate permits for online gaming.

Sports Star Glory

Georgia has produced several notable athletes who have made their mark on the international stage:

  • Evander Holyfield: Four time world heavyweight boxing champion.
  • Dominique Wilkins: This is Nine time NBA All-Star among others.
  • Herschel Walker: Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star is another student who is prominent in America.
  • Amanda Weir: A United States’ Olympic bronze medalist in swimming.
  • Paul Hamm: An American gymnast, a four time Olympic gold medalist.

These athletes have made Georgia proud, and have become motivation to many people because of their accomplishments.

Summary of Gambling Laws in Neighboring Countries

Knowing the gambling laws of the neighboring countries may be helpful to understand the situation with Georgia’s regulations.


  • Regulatory Body: Tax Service of the Russian Federation
  • Key Law: Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 244-FZ of July 18, 2006.
  • Prohibited Activities: Gambling is prohibited in the internet apart from the four predefined zones for this purpose.


  • Regulatory Body: This paper outlines the district’s current financial situation in relation to the Ministry of Finance.
  • Key Law: The law in consideration for this purpose is Law No. 7258 of the year 1959.
  • Prohibited Activities: All the types of gambling are prohibited except the ones that are state-regulated and controlled.


  • Regulatory Body: Ministry of Taxes and Revenues
  • Key Law: Act on Lotteries of 2015.
  • Prohibited Activities: Most of the forms of gambling are prohibited in the US except for lotteries and to some extent, sports gambling.


The current situation with gambling in Georgia reveals many possibilities and threats. To the general framework of the legislation and the list of bettings sites, it may be useful to know these points. If you are in Georgia and in a search of a betting site then you are in the right place and the right time to get involved.

FAQ about Betting Sites in Georgia

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