Betting Sites in Guyana

Guyana is a country in northern South America, Venezuela to the northwest, Brazil to the south and Suriname to the east. It attained independence on the 26th of May in the year 1966. As new social media sites are being developed it has become quite important to discover the best betting sites in Guyana. This blog post aims to give a brief of betting sites in Guyana, looking at the laws that govern betting, the requirements for licensing, online sports betting platform and major events that have influenced Guyana’s sports betting culture.

Betting Sites in Guyana

1902: Gambling has now been legalised in Guyana.

2006: The bill to prevent gambling has been approved.

2008: Creation of the Gaming Authority.

2010: First casino is opened.

2021: Online lottery and sports betting legalised.

History of Gambling Laws in Guyana

Gambling in Guyana can be depicted as an activity that has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century. Below are some of the major events that have been achieved so far.

  • 1902: Gambling legally allowed under the Gambling Prevention Act of the country in question.
  • 1963: The law which controls the operations of lottery is the Government Lotteries Act.
  • 2007: The Gambling Prevention Act also creates the Guyana Gaming Authority and sets out the conditions for casino licensing.
  • 2012: Updating the Gambling Prevention Act, the Philippine has revised some of the laws concerning online gambling.
  • 2021: Online lottery and sports betting legalisation.

Regulatory Betting Sites in Guyana

The Gaming Authority of Guyana was set up on 1st December 2008 and has the mandate of overseeing gambling activities. The general objective is to ensure proper guidance and supervision towards the expansion of a profitable gambling business that contributes to the country’s revenue.

The Roles of the Gaming Authority.

  • The following functions of the commission can also be listed: Supervising betting shops, casinos and lotteries
  • In this regard, the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act of 2009 must be complied with.
  • The latter includes licensing of gambling businesses and control over their activities.

Prohibited and Permitted Bets in Guyana

Guyana’s gambling laws prescribe the kinds of bets that can be placed or not be placed. Although the general types of gambling are permitted like lottery and some casinos, others are still prohibited.

  • Permitted Bets:
  • Gambling in casinos: up to three in each region.
  • Lotteries
  • Online lottery and legalised sports betting from 2021.
  • Prohibited Bets:
  • Unauthorized online gambling platforms
  • People coming into casinos are only the hotel guests, and tourists (no locals allowed).

The Licenses and Fees of Guyana

In the territory of Guyana, it is necessary for the gambling establishments to acquire the corresponding permits and, therefore, pay the corresponding consideration and taxes.

License Types and Fees:

  • Operator License: Application fee of $5 million and an annual fee of $4 million.
  • Premises License: Application fee of $5 million, and an annual fee of $4 million.
  • Gaming Machine: Such as a $60,000 annual fee.
  • Gaming Table: A $200,000 annual fee.

Gambling Taxes:

  • Lottery ticket was subjected to a tax of 8. 33% of its cost.
  • Other gambling activities are subjected to a 10% tax on them.
  • A 20% tax on money that is paid as bets is also charged.

Best Betting Sites in Guyana

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Milestone Events in Guyana Sports

Sports are an important component of Guyanese people and there are several important events that are associated with its sports history.

  • 2007: Guyana also participates in international cricket and it holds its matches during the Cricket World Cup.
  • 2010: The first casino in Guyana, the Guyana Princess Hotel and Casino is opened.
  • 2016: Sleepin Hotel and Carnival Casino are also formed up.
  • 2021: Allowing of online lottery and sports betting.
  • 2022: Announcements to the effect that there are plans to alter the laws to permit more casinos.

Celebrating Guyana’s Sports Stars

Guyana has advanced many athletes whose performances have impacted the international filed in sports.

  • Cricket: Others are Clive Lloyd, Rohan Kanhai and Ramnaresh Sarwan.
  • Boxing: The rest of the cast include; Michael Anthony Parris, Andrew “Sixhead” Lewis, Wayne “Big Truck” Braithwaite, and Gwendolyn “Stealth Bomber” O’Neil.
  • Football: Carl Cort along with Dwight Yorke.

Other Neighboring Country Gambling Laws

This paper compares Guyana’s gambling laws with those of the neighboring countries to gain perspective.


  • Gambling is allowed, though there are numerous restrictions on such activities; casinos and bingo halls are legal.
  • Gambling is also strictly prohibited and any form of online gambling is also prohibited.


  • Sports betting is legal and is allowed while casino gaming is prohibited.
  • Some forms of online gambling are legal while others are not, meaning that it is in a bit of a grey area.


  • Both casino and online gambling are legal and are regulated by the government.
  • In this case, the focus will be on improving the attractiveness of the areas for tourists.


This paper aims at analysing the betting industry in Guyana, its rules and the possible chances that can help in coming up with winning strategies. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, it is necessary to be aware of the current developments. For more information and professional tips, it is recommended to try Jasper’s free trial to improve your betting experience.

FAQ of Betting Sites in Guyana

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